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  1. Yeah, I have the challenges open and I have been using the eagle eye mode. I think it’s because I am *technically* still in the mission and time is frozen at 3 AM. I am able to get the materials for The Rattler outfit, but no herbs or legendary animals, which is what I was hoping for but I didn’t start another play through until after the dang patch and didn’t know until I was far in that it was patched. But I did get some cool outfits from the store and some roast beef in Tumbleweed. No horses for sale but I am happy with my current steed.
  2. I am in New Austin with Arthur and John (the work around of the Angelo Bronte glitch), and I can shoot animals and buy clothes and guns, but I can’t pick herbs. Does anyone know how to pick herbs? It’s nice to get some skins for outfits, but no herbs glow. I figure I am probably SOL, but thought I would ask in case someone knows a work around.
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