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  1. Yeah, that last big update introduced several new bugs & brought some old ones back, on PC, as well. Camps had been pretty much fixed, but I've had problems with it nearly every session, from it not spawning from the start or just having it disappear (but still show on the map) in the middle of a session. Once, I was bringing back a carcass, only to find camp had disappeared. I was a bit pissed and sat for a minute or two, contemplating logging off, when it reappeared. Since then, I wait around a bit, but it seems to have been a one time deal. Delivering goods has been screwed, too. I occasionally start a delivery, listen to Cripps ramble on, then load back into the game sitting on my horse. Restarting the game is the only fix for that problem. Of course, with the camp bug, it might take a couple tries to load in to an actual camp. Moonshine deliveries are affected by the same bug. It occasionally takes a few tries to get the wagon to load, and when it doesn't, I just spawn outside as if I'd simply exited the shack (the worst part is having to listen to Marcel a few times). On one delivery, the wagon spawned normally, but I spawned on foot, quite a ways from the shack, and had to run to the wagon. Modders hadn't been a problem for me for a long time, and I thought Rockstar might be cracking down on them, but the last two days I've seen them return. Luckily, I haven't seen anyone using godmode to grief players, but I have been pulled into some random location with a bunch of other players a few times. I did encounter a bugged or possibly modded "Save the travelers" mission. I followed the smoke, but there was no one at the circled wagons. There were several lockboxes & large chests around the camp, but each time I tried to open a box, my character locked up for about 10 seconds. Figured it was a modder and left, as I don't recall ever finding lockboxes in one of those missions.
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to buy it from the catalog. It'll have a $0 price tag.
  3. I'd had problems with camps before, but with the patches they released last month, they seemed to have camps fixed. This last patch brought most of the bugs back. I've experienced the ghost camp several times this week (shows on the map, but not actually there), and it's back to the guessing game of "Will I or won't I have a camp" when I log in.
  4. I concentrated on updating the stills as soon as I was able, as they allow you to make stronger moonshine and earn more money. Only downside is the stronger the moonshine, the longer it takes to make, but one of the higher levels rewards you with an item that slightly decreases the time (a pamphlet, I believe). I play solo, so upgrading the bar and band areas wasn't a priority, but they are necessary if you're after the gold from daily challenges, and I imagine a lot of fun if you play with friends. Lastly, the Norfolk Roadster is one of the better horses available, in my opinion.
  5. Is the fog not an issue for all players? I thought it was part of the game on the server side. If it doesn't affect most players and my PC was "fixed" with the update, then the lack of responses is understandable. Either way, I'm pretty happy to have my fog problem resolved.
  6. It was actually a nice glitch, as I was able to ride the duplicate and throw an extra carcass on it to deliver to Cripps. I've tried many times to repeat it, but it hasn't happened since. The only thing that comes close was a bug I experienced while exiting the stable. I exited on my horse, but the horse wouldn't move. I hopped off & tried to lead it, as this usually fixes the unresponsive horse bug, but nothing worked. I whistled at it, and damned if my horse didn't come running in from another direction, with the duplicate just standing in front of the stable. I could get back on the first horse, but it wouldn't move.
  7. I've experienced this, as well. I'm pretty sure if you get out of render distance of a pelt or carcass, it'll disappear from the map. I don't stray too far from the cart for this reason. It sucks that we can't call the wagon in like we can a horse.
  8. The fog has been my biggest complaint recently, to the point of almost ruining the game, and I was closing the game when it rolled in, as well. Lemoyne seemed to be forever fogged in, and trying to deliver moonshine was becoming a pain in the ass. I crashed head-on into another wagon once while trying to deliver in thick fog, so I gave up on that and I started waiting until it was clear. I honestly haven't felt pissed off by fog in a while, nor felt the need to close the game recently. I'm occasionally getting intense fog, but it doesn't last very long and it's not as frequent as it was before the update. Even the light fog seems to be less frequent. Perhaps it's just on PC. I guess with so many views on this topic and no replies, I must be one lucky SOB.
  9. Since last weeks update to PC, I've noticed that the fog hasn't been rolling in as often, and when it does, it's not nearly as thick as it used to be. I hope it's not just a case of me being lucky, so I'm wondering if others are experiencing the same thing. Hopefully it's something that's fixed on all platforms, as well.
  10. It didn't take long to get to level 10, in my opinion. My advice would be to shoot & skin every animal you can, but only haul in perfect carcasses. You can lasso some carcasses (deer & pronghorn) and drag them back to camp, so you can donate two at a time. It won't hurt the pelt at all. Drag a 3 star deer for miles and it'll still be a 3 star when you get it to camp. I'm sure you know this, but you can mount small animal carcasses to the side of your horse (turkey, ducks, rabbit, etc.) so load that horse up with as much as you can. Also, donate everything you are able to: feathers, tusks, antlers, etc. Each item you donate gives you 5 XP, which doesn't seem like much, but it does add up. Once you hit rank 20, you're better off selling those items, but until then, donate them all. If it's just money you're after, the collector role is the way to go. You can earn thousands every day if you have the time. You can get the Collectors bag for free if you have Amazon/Twitch Prime & link it to your account (sign up for the free month, claim the offer & cancel, if you'd like). It's easily the best way to earn money and rank up.
  11. The text somehow blended with the background when I added the quote. Looked fine with the darkmode extension I use. Hopefully it's fixed now.
  12. I put in a ticket with R* support about not receiving the free copper still upgrade, and they sent a copy/paste reply, but it included this: "If you claimed your Social Club x Twitch Prime benefits, you should see the Collector’s Bag and Polished Copper Still Upgrade available for free in-game 48 hours after claiming. If you already purchased either of these items, then you will receive a refund for the purchase within 48 hours." As it was taking a long time to get a response to my ticket, I went ahead and bought the still, then asked for a refund. It did take a bit of back and forth with them, but they gave me a refund of $875 for the copper still. I had to press the issue of the refund for the collectors bag, but in the end, they did refund the 15 gold bars, as well. I saw that the Twitch Prime offer is still available in todays update. You can sign up for a free month trial, claim the offer and if the refunds don't appear automatically, file a ticket.
  13. If there's a way to remove saddles from horses, you could just keep your secondary horse saddled and that would be the only horse that could be called. I can't figure out how to remove them, though. There has to be a way, as I have five horses and three saddles, and somehow, one of the saddles got removed from its horse. After screwing around a bit, I put the saddle on a horse and can't figure out how to remove it again.
  14. I thought they started showing up once you got the letter from Maggie at level four. That's just a guess, though. Could have been that I progressed through the first few levels before actually seeing one, though. Funny thing is, I don't see the hitched wagon at any of the local roadblocks. If I'm far away from my shack, it seems every roadblock has one. I'm tempted to see how far I can get with one and see if the wheels fall off as Mr. Bohannon mentioned. It would be nice if we were able to deliver the wagon to the shack for free, or even discounted, mash. I guess the missions cover that, and they're easy enough.
  15. The fact that you can earn all of the gold back makes it worth it, to me. There are a lot of cool items and rewards to be had, as well. You won't lose any progress, either. I bought it after I had reached max rank and all of the rewards simply unlocked.
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