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  1. Since the update yesterday the game is totally broken for me (I play on PC). M<y issues include, but are not limitted to: *Constant disconnects *Camp is gone whenever I leave it and come back (like on resupply missions) even though it shows as being there on the map. *Can't make a new camp. *Bounty board can't be accessed. *Missions (when they can be taken at all) never go through and provide a location. Is it me or are others experiencing these as well?
  2. How is it I'm a maximum honor character despite the fact that I kill a dozen people a day to save $20 on tanning fluid?
  3. Is it worth getting the Outlaw pass for online? Also, I'm already level 24--if I get it now am I beat on the rewards up to this point?
  4. I think you have to select a watch you've picked-up off a looted body, activate THAT as your watch, then sell it. That should reset the watch activation.
  5. This is a problem in all games. Elite Dangerous a few months ago had a player protest this (and show how bad the problem really was) by activating an invincibility hack and jamming himself into the approach slot of the busiest station in the game on the open server. He was there all day--even contacted Frontier himself to tell them this was going on--and they blew it off. Developers like to do all this stuff by automation so if you accidentially leave a mod in your folder they'll "see" it and ban you but hack the game and cheat like a pig day in and day out they just shrug.
  6. I like pocket watches but it would be nice if they had some use online--since you can spend money to buy them and all. Two options come to mind: 1) Cosmetic: Add the watch-fob graphic (used on Dutch's character from story mode) to any vest the character is wearing when a watch is equipped. 2) Function: Add time to any mission timers for a player that has once since they can use time more efficiently by owning one; * +1 minute for a silver watch. * +2 minutes for a gold watch. * +3 minutes for a platinum watch. Thoughts?
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