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  1. well might sound stupid to ask bu do you have anything to sell ? jewelry wisem and for your info u better get use to dumb bug like that , like fast travel not opening , bounty board not opening , disconnection etc
  2. well on ps4 u need to create a new psn account to get a 2rd user
  3. id choose bounty hunter , cause in bounty hunter mission u get gold and u can buy collector with it
  4. ur capped at 10 but somehow the eggs are stiill collectable , u can drink your alcohol as well and i keep it at 10 so i can find the rarest one more often
  5. ji well for my own i removed the camera follow level it completly off , and i ot 0 in field of view so i see wider
  6. you welcome , u can buy your delivery wagon , tips crips like 3 star deer and elk pelt whole carcass
  7. ypu need to go to the wilderness outfitters in your camp and purchase the butchet table in equipment
  8. here is my trick and i believe it the best , first when u get on the wagon , you pull out your gun , then HOLD L2 ( HOLD THE WHOLE RUN ) and press x twice so the horse start noving , do not use the left joystick ( it move the horse direction ). as long as you press l2 the horse will auto-follow the waypoint , you can release to shoot incoming ennemy , do whatever look in air look behind the coach will drive it self and u can protect it . just remember to re-hold l2 to make sure horse dont go off road.
  9. well first u need to donate aot of animal carcass/ bird feather etc to gets enough materials for crips to work , he work for 25/100 then resupply mission avaiable , then need again materials to get from 25 to 50
  10. pluck3


    try a wide screen resolution ( field of view )
  11. pluck3


    theres a lot of bug right now , including not being able to open fast travel , talk to npc , mail , bounty board
  12. i will start by saying this .. Slippery bastard : make ennemies aim less accuracte and your own aim less accurate , how can people pop headshot on you with carcano rifle and slippery bastard like it was nothing , yesterday i got attacked by 2 person , they kill me , i go back i kill them , both , then they kill me , i re kill them both , then they kill me - i do a parley , and they keep kill me but now become blurred , i cant shoot damage them like they are protected in a store , but assault me like crazy , in middle of new hanover nowhere close to any stranger/ stores the aim assist for free aiming sniper rifle need to be reduced , people abuse it and get instant headshot ( using slippery bastard ) which shouldnt happen if your shot become alot less accurate defensive mode glitch where people join stranger mission and put themself in defensive so they can kill players without losing defensive mode heres a tips for you rockstar if u ever read this : offensive and defensive mode is garbage , take exemple on diablo 1 in 1996 who seem to have a more evoluated system than your hostility mod . u either accept pvp or do not accept it ,, that it and people abusing these glitches you shouldnt be proud of your self getting these cowards bad manner kills
  13. i even forgot a few like... -wagon falling from sky -animal / npc taking 0 damage - i go to the fence and the vendor iis looking in opposite direction and cant open his menu no options at all - finally got some animals , i skin they dissappear unless i pick em up first - my horse is still stupid but atleast it the only thing working fine
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