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  1. Yes my accounts are keyboard and mouse PC no easy aimlock mode LOL jk
  2. I started online playing with friends on ultimate edition. They were high levels and I was getting money and gold fast with them and doing daily challenges. My goal is to buy the regular edition game and play through without any freely given boons, guns, horses etc. I see it as a challenge id like to work on, on the side. When I go to Rockstar to buy the game it tells me to download the launcher again but I already have it on my main account. Im confused how this all works but I do want another account without wrecking or otherwise compromising my main account. Is this allowed? How do I do it? I am sure there is a simple answer but ive really tried googling and youtube to find out and so far unable to find the answer. Yes, im a noob but I love the game and want to see more of a challenge by starting out broke, with nothing and earn my way up with only knowledge ive gained from my 57 levels playtime on my main account. Thank you for any info on this, ive had no luck from anyone to offer the answer.
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