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  1. My main worry is gaming. are games $$ for ps5 ? I dont really do fps games cos i find them boring. (an i suck at them) lol
  2. ahh ok cheers man. wasn't sure if I needed the stopping power of the Elephant GUN
  3. SO Having gotten into it, an kind of enjoying it. I was wondering. twin shotgun pistols, an Elephant rifle for legendary ops ?? I cant afford the Auto pistols yet.
  4. right there with you, Sciatica gives me hell. Thnink im gonna buy a PS5 in march
  5. I agree with you. I didn't get into gaming until 90s. (being a commercial fisherman for 20 years). But I have always gone PC. I am now considering PS5. Simply for reasons u outlined. I wanna drop onto sofa an just play on my tv. I am over sitting in office chair for hours an having my Sciatica go nuts lol.
  6. Cheers man. was a stupid move on my part. I could have jsut spent 20$ an got gold I needed for the bounty job.
  7. Ok, so some backstory. I spent last 2 weeks lvling up my trader to 20. I had done well. I was making alot of money I had everything I needed an was starting to customize things. THEN.... I decided I wanted to try Bounty Hunting. So I deleted my Trader in misguided idea that id keep all the gold I bought, an items I had etc etc (no I didn't buy my way through game)..... But then I restart as Bounty Hunter an zippo... all I had 800$ an 10g....Not happy Jan!!! So, sucking it up an take responsibility for myself, I started leveling with god horrible weapon, an a worse horse. Not sure how that happened, but now I am screwed. Making 10-15$ a mission isn't gonna cut it. Just for a decent rifle is bout 6 weeks at this rate lol
  8. I have to admit, I hate consoles. But I am beginning to see differently. Ive always a "PC Master Race"... an its true PC FAR outshines anything. But an heres the kicker.... You have to spend big money to do that. I am starting to wonder, but I dont like idea of paying a monthly sub just to use my console online. Not to mention I cant play with or talk to my friends on Discord if I went console.
  9. yer, Its my own fault. Cant blame anyone for it.
  10. Rockstar never do much bout hackers. So I doubt ill stay sadly. I guess hackers will be happy to run a new player off servers....Sad to see Rockstar dont warn people before buying bout this.
  11. So after more than a year, an low player rates. I buy this game 4 days ago. Already ive been stopped form playing for 3 hours. Hackers keep teleporting everyone to an island an killing us all. I spends hours hunting an lose everything to a group if pre teen ******** with no parental control....Is Rockstar ever going to look at thids ?. Or should all the decent players just leave? Because I know im ready too...May not mean much but if your going ot allow these fools to chase out a % of players, your game is going to die.
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