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  1. Thank you level 20s for just purchasing the game and here is everything for free to catch up For all of you that have owned the game from day one should enjoy being rich, bored, and aggravated. See you next Tuesday when we polish this turd again with free vests and explosive ammo. Love R*
  2. Considering all the bugs and crashes, you lose money but gain frustration while trying to do the moonshine role. I hope there is a patch soon. I think Marcel is sending it all back to France without you knowing.
  3. Yup, I'm aware I'm not looking down while dodging trees in Annesburg while trying to shot a long gun from a horse. I have enough steering/crashing problems the way it is.
  4. I tested this last night. I found myself with higher quality pelts with the Springfield rather than the Bolt action. 2 and 3 stars were pretty much the norm, bolt action quality was 1 and 2. Maybe it was already low quality to begin with? Who knows.
  5. .22 shorts would be fun for the really small stuff and nests
  6. I had griefers galore yesterday while I was by myself. None of them above level 20. I cant believe lassoing people is still a thing. That was sooooo 2018. Sometimes the bugs work in your advantage. I didn't have a camp but the animals outside of St Denis were crazy. Deer, cranes, herons, pigs, small gators (big ones suck)...I have never seen it like that. My wagon is maxed out and will be set on supplies for Cripps for a bit.
  7. More and more griefers have been showing their ugly mugs. I think a lot of people have maxed out the roles. It also doesn't help when you are totally homeless thanks to Cripps and not being able to put a camp down. The hunting has been terrible for me lately on servers. I've tried starting a bounty to see if deer show up and ZERO, not even a bird. I did get griefed in Valentine and before you know it was pandemonium in the streets. We had 3 posses tangled up for about an hour. You may not always have a camp, but you will always have a player blowing you up while skinning a rabbit.
  8. Of course its sold all year, but I cant eat the stuff in the summer. Goes great with a good beer. Breath mints recommended.
  9. If they do it, what will be the top real estate areas? I think Heartlands I would like to see a logger role. Price differs on type of wood and quality. Have a crappy sawmill and slowly improve it.
  10. I may be interested. But, what's discord? (I'm not a big gamer). Im CST with a mic
  11. I wanted in line in the rain on release night for a bundle with a map I've never used. ill stick with the base model next time.
  12. Steal wagons in other towns and sell them back to the stable for cash. Or liquor
  13. I've had pretty good luck setting up my camp through the wheel instead of the left on the D pad way. Give it a try.
  14. Tabs are screwed up. They no longer open on the default like old times. Having a hard time pulling up a rifle and metal detector out of the wheel. Bullets don't seem to hit their mark even with perfectly clean guns. I got booted twice. All in all it was a good update....
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