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  1. Been quite stressed recently. Having issues at work, trouble sleeping, and just generally not feeling to great. I had a falling out with a friend which is a long story. I just been too damn stressed and it is getting to me. My sister and I were talking the other day and she told me I need to manage it since anxiety disorders run in our family and I am still young enough to have one start. So looking for some new ways to handle stress. What does everyone here do?
  2. I was trying to use cheats the other day and couldn't get it to work. Wish I noticed that page sooner lol I been here for so long and I always forget about the resource pages on this site.
  3. I had to look up some stuff. I think it is common these days with games. Maybe that is why they didn't feel the need to go into detail with everything? They probably figure people would just check it online if they are confused. lol
  4. I don't know, I always noticed a difference with handling and speed with my horses. Maybe some are just a lot closer in stats than others. My one horse is slow as balls and his stamina seems to suck.
  5. It helps if you just focus on it when randomly roaming. I didn't do it while in missions or active storyline angles.
  6. The more active I see the death count, the quicker I leave. I am all for playing the game as intended but some people are just complete trolls about it and I can't deal with that.
  7. For some players, yeah. Some people get them on and off, some people say spawns are very minimal. I have heard of lobbies not having anything, even birds. They mentioned something about fixing it so we'll see. Never used to be like this.
  8. Certain missions can interrupt this in my experience. If it still doesn't work for you after you are out of that mission, then something is up with the game for sure.
  9. Finished up Bojack the other day. Very solid show. This has to be one of the most clever adult cartoons out there. Had I just went based on instincts of it being on Netflix and sounding stupid and never watching it, I would have missed out.
  10. I don't have to force myself into an empty lobby, seems to almost always happen for me regardless and I am not sure why. Sometimes I join and there is like 4 to 6 players and within like 5 minutes, I am all by myself. Does my GTA character stink or something? haha
  11. *Virus spreads in China* American: "I think now's a good time to take a trip to China!" https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/02/07/coronavirus-american-citizen-china-death-toll-cases/4699514002/ I didn't read the details as to why he went but ffs are you really that stupid to risk it?
  12. I know it was fitting of the times but I am going to say it.. That coon hat looks ridiculous. It is the kind of thing I would expect to see some wealthy woman wearing back in those times.
  13. This is honestly the most frustrating issue in the game for me. I love the hunting aspect of the game and I spend or rather spent a lot of my time hunting. That fact that it takes me forever to find a lobby with a decent amount of animals to hunt annoys the heck out of me. Most days, I just give up after 30 minutes of searching.
  14. liquidfire

    Bug, or hacker?

    Yeah this has to just be a hack. The GTA one doesn't seem to get you banned anymore. A friend I know always plays with a dude who uses hacks/mods online on PC and gives people money on an almost daily basis. I can't say the same for RDR2 online though. I think they are watching it more carefully for stuff like this.
  15. I was just going to mention the butcher. I do wish they had some old school dialog banter that tells you what to do. Like if you try selling a big fish at camp, Cripp says to try selling it at the butcher's.
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