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  1. there are two tabs when you're choosing which batch to create. Always create the batch in "Today's Requests" tab
  2. When a daily challenge awards you 0.2gb, a mission 0.36gb and a gun variant costs 12gb or a full color hat set costs 80gb then i don't think they will see new blood on their game anytime soon. Only those who willing to pay real money for gold bars. Obviously they don't know how to monetize their game and this is the saddest part. An online game with a beautiful map but a repetitive gameplay has to award players at least. Anyway i hope they do something good in the future. Meanwhile serious games are just before release. Even world of warcraft hit a great expansion this time. A game run by another cancer of the industry Activision who like Take2 took over Blizzard and made the game controversial but at least they still trying to deliver a bit of a good gameplay while they have to keep investors happy. Let's see if Rockstar has the balls to do this as well.
  3. Prepare yourselves. Big announcement about daily challenges.
  4. This update plus releasing the online section standalone plus old glitches have returned, it's time for another break. Take2 is taking over sadly.
  5. didn't know where to put that. but today i read about a sick rumour.
  6. I'm with you on that. The 1 month the lobbies were 2-4 people the game had its best period of its life
  7. Fixing bugs and glitches is of the utmost importance to the team said the guys who left their game without animals and full of glitches for 1 whole year. Meanwhile the game doesn't perform well again after they raised the player count in sessions.
  8. Nice. I hope to catch you online....in many servers....you would be a griefer no more after some days.
  9. Today in a 5 hours session again not a single legendary animal and only 2 random events. Why rockstar..
  10. Well sad news guys. Since yesterday rockstar boosted player count in sessions (14-20 players in lobbies). Of course the game started to perform poorly again. - 3-4 dynamic events per hour before, 1 per 3 hours now. - 2-3 Legendary animals in a 5hours session before, 1 now. - Camp lagging when i turn a resupply mission These stats are mine and another 3 friend's too. Game with small lobbies was just wonderful.
  11. No i can't play poker due to my country's law restrictions about gambling. See here. https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360023069493/A-feature-is-not-available-during-online-play
  12. Can you see the poker icon on the map or it's missing at all?
  13. they just wanna release their frustration at the moment and that's it. life goes on..
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