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  1. Howdy y'all! How's the community doing today?? I'm trying to coordinate a fight club, who'd be down?? If not, let's network and see what type of mischief we can get ourselves into!
  2. Hope its not bad to double post, but this happened last night and I managed to snap a recording, then made it into a GIF so i may share it. THREE lighting strikes simultaneously RIGHT NEXT TO ONE ANOTHER!!!!
  3. Bro, seriously!! I was up in the Mountains of Amberino and some Mexican dude is usually up there with a band of outlaws who ambush you when you accept to help him, buuuuut today I had my LaMats ready and I figured he was gonna do the same ole BS, but nope, he actually needed a ride, like legitimately, and yet the whole way to his destination I was like, he's gonna throw me off or something.... Nope, he genuinely needed that ride. Damn... People CAN change 😂
  4. I'm looking to bolster the ranks of my Posse, the Illuminati, I have a promo post in the Posse Promotion section of the forums. Check it out, and feel free to reach out!!
  5. I also am in a similar situation, I lead the Illuminati and have big plans for the future for the Posse and the coming years of the game. I'm looking to build my ranks. I posted a promo post in the Posse Promotion section. Go check it out! And feel free to reach out, brother!
  6. "What's the first rule of Fight Club?!" So, I've always wanted to host and be apart of a fight club so I'm creating a post to see if anyone would wanna help me plan this. I'm hoping to gather a bunch of y'all, I'm only on Xbox One however. I wanna host a tournament in the name of my Posse (Illuminati) to see who is the best of the best of the best in the wild, wild west!! Let's get our knuckles bloody!!
  7. So far I only have three Horses cause of laziness towards the other stables, currently I have Hiram, Hermes, and Hera.
  8. I was scrolling through and I didn't see a thread for Screenshots so I decided to make one! Share your sickest screenshots with the rest of the community!! Heres a few to start the thread off right!
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