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  1. Okay so when i get perfect say deer pelts to put on the back of the horse, if i dont have enough perfect skins of that animal to craft said item then where am i to store these without the risk of them becoming lost from dying or whatever ? I dont seem to be able to find anything
  2. Hey it does work for story mode too man, really good, just got a notification pop up in game and got the map up on my iphone, great !!!
  3. Hey guys, im new here but not new to RDR' series I am however new to online of rdr2 and would like to posse up with a group of folk on xbox one, i have and use a mic. Would really appreciate an invite, thanks in advance.
  4. Even if not its still very useful for when i start online proper, i have only delved into the beginning of the online, not done anything really. Still doing so much with the story mode in chapter 3 lol
  5. Ok i found a few legendary fish spots but catching them is hell hard for me, idk why, im using the correct lure lake/river etc but im not hooking a legendary, any tips ?
  6. Wow i wish i knew this sooner lol but hell i have it now, thank you mate. This can be used for story mode too right ? Thank you for the tips and advice
  7. Im looking for a guide on the best fishing spots if anyone can linke me to one please if there is one here, or can give me some pointers ? I seem to be getting the same fish and weight all the time regarless of bait the biggest is like a trout 5oz
  8. Id be interested, i know what im doing on a basic level but just starting out online, i can teamplay, have a mic etc I am however UK based, GMT time zone but play late and thorugh the days on weekends.
  9. Played RDR1 Online and but at the stages when it became hard to get on and all that was on was players glitching etc. Now i really want to dive into RDR2 Oline although im only on chapter 3 of story mode but i love the world and taking my time and what it has to offer. Now please i know the basics of online but what advice can you give, where should i head to first and do what first, i know to watch out for posses etc
  10. Where are some good spots for hunting and finding good mounts ?
  11. I been watching a few videos but they are quite technical or simply dont work without getting a bounty on me so im either doing something wrong or it simply doesnt work, To avoid bounties and - honour what can i do to make money fast
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