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  1. I’m not into games but when I started playing RDR2 I loved it. Making money buying the trader and moonshine business and finding treasures maps along the way. But now that I did all the missions made a lot of money everything seems to become boring. If we had new treasure maps that have a lot more then then normal or if they had Indians to also fight or also with all the money we’ve earned we should be able to buy or build property. I’m sure there are ideas players have. I’m done with RDR2 until they meet better and exciting content. A bigger map would also be cool.
  2. If Rdr2 doesn’t come with new good content where one can make big cash or earn a lot more gold or even add Indians that raid or surprise attack you on missions and even add more hidden treasure maps that obtain hundreds of dollars and maybe more than 1 gold bar. I’m not playing rdr2 until they come up with more exciting content and new cloth and features.
  3. Does anyone know how to make a panthers eye trinket online and not in story mode? What items do I need. I can’t find the answer
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