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  1. I've run across this several times now, where two strangers are arguiong with each other and eventually one shoots the other. How do you know what to do to which one before one shoots the other?
  2. GTAO for consoles and PC are their own worlds. You can't transfer between the two, so I doubt it will allowed for RDO.
  3. What I've noticed, is that not only are there more animal spawns, but they spawn in greater numbers, when I'm on a mission, than when I'm in Free Roam.
  4. It's random. BUT, if the week goes by, and you still haven't gotten either one, submit a ticket. R*'s pretty good about getting you what you're supposed to have.
  5. To me 42 gold is WAY to high of a price. I spent the money instead and got the white one. Money is much more easily earned. Plus with my saddle adding +1 to Acceleration and Speed and my Stirrups adding +2 more to both as well, Acceleration and Speed are 10/10 and at lvl 4 bonding, both Health and Stamina are abut 3/4 of a full circle. I can full out gallop for as long as I want.
  6. You're right on both. Hell, I got to lvl 6 on Collector just by looting NPC's and randomly coming across buried items/flowers/cards/etc while roaming around.
  7. At the very least, compared to the Trader and Collector roles. I mean, doing a single person bounty gets 200 to 400 XP it seems, which means you're running like 5 missions per lvl. Now, I've not done one (except for the new Hootowl Legendary) but I'm guessing maybe the multiple bounty bounties give more? If so, is it that much more to make it worth the extra time to complete?
  8. Does turning a bounty in dead, lower your XP gained, like it does the payout?
  9. As for #3, I would be fine with the camp being taken down once you're done playing and go off-line, and having to re-pitch it on your next log in.
  10. 1 - In the Stable buying the (I can't remember now what exactly it's called) the service that sets your horses stats to Gold, when you buy it, it takes the $7.50 payment and goes to gold in the barn, but when you exit, the cores are back to white? 2 - Consistently can not pitch camp in your desired location? 3 - If you are able to pitch camp, Cripps will randomly pack it all up? Even in the middle of a play session.
  11. Concerns the future plans and ideas and such that R* has in store RDO. Pretty good read. https://www.vg247.com/2019/09/27/red-dead-online-future-heists-villain-lawmen-business/
  12. When you find a 3* bring it to the road dismiss your horse (with 3* still with you) call your wagon and store it. After that dismiss your wagon and use your horse to stack pelts. I had not actually thought of this. Not a bad idea at all.
  13. I've got Slow & Steady for Dead Eye at lvl 2, and then Come Back Stronger, Winning Streak, and Peak Condition all at lvl 3. But I set these up in the days before Defensive mode and back when it seemed every other player you met was an a**hole griefer. SO what do you think I should go with now?
  14. I've had him show up 3 times so far.
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