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  1. And this is the reason I haven't bothered doing this. I read about people having issues with it and didn't even bother. They can't even manage to get a Prime bonus working right with Twitch. Such a shame.
  2. Yeah happened every time to me too. After the 5th time I just started avoiding his area. Makes it easier though if you forget, it can become an issue. I forgot twice and I was mad. lol
  3. So they finally announced they will be working to fix the absence of the animals. Bout time. So many of us been waiting for this fix. I mean it started back in what, October/November?
  4. Coffee I can drink either way but I don't drink it all that often. I drink tea more often but do mainly white and green so I don't add anything to those though if I am not feeling good, I will add a bit of honey.
  5. I just sleep more. It helps because stress tends to make me tired and it is easier to just shut down my brain more often to relax.
  6. The whole state of panic the media puts people in should be against the law. Like I seen people acting like complete idiots over this virus. Some people even were being racist against Chinese immigrants and visitors over it. Like what the hell is wrong with people?
  7. Not often enough... But seriously, I don't drink much anymore but sometimes my family really makes me question why I don't drink more often.
  8. The reason some people use a specific horse for hunting is because it likely scares the least of their stable. I find the Arabian to be the best overall. If you are lucky enough to find a white one in the wild, that should be your main horse.
  9. I had this issue and didn't know what it was for the longest time. I don't get why only certain missions don't allow you to pick anything. Like if you pass something useful, be it in a mission or not, it should let you grab it.
  10. Wait, they are killing online for a few hours? So, are we to be expecting an update of sorts or something? Oh God... Please let it be fixing the animal spawns finally!!! PLEASE! lol
  11. I noticed a number of things that weren't properly explained in the game. Like I love that the game was not hand-holdy but some stuff just didn't make sense. I found myself on Google every other day trying to figure stuff out for the game. lol
  12. I am to the point where I really wish they would just add it. I mean, I get why they don't have the option but they need it for people to avoid modders, hackers, and general issues.
  13. Yeah the last big update really screwed the pooch. Some people were lucky enough not to have major issues with finding animals and others ended up where you are shortly after. It sucks but as far as I know, they are "working on it". Who knows when it will be fixed though.
  14. It is increasingly becoming frustrating. Between the broken parts of the game and the modders, it makes it hard to enjoy it. I still find times where I do but they don't last. Either I find a lobby with only one or two other people then get redirected to a full lobby after doing a mission or some kind of bug or issue makes the game unplayable and I have to restart the game and hop back online.
  15. Don't get me wrong though, I get why people upgrade but if you don't have the funds and don't do much with the screen, it isn't really necessary. I will wait until the next huge update happens before I upgrade.
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