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  1. I just take breaks. I don't need to quit the game completely. I still get enjoyment out of it. I feel like people who quit the game completely over issues likely main the game and I don't do that often. I always have other things to play and enjoy so I don't face burnout.
  2. I was just reading about the accounts being hacked earlier today. I am sure they will put a stop to it. Really pisses me off when people do stuff like this. Like, don't you have something better to do with your time or are you that desperate or entertainment that you become the kind of person no one wants to game with.
  3. Nope. Just keep active on the forum. I am sure if any news pops up, someone here will post about it. They usually release new on updates after they have happened for minor ones. They rarely announce those before hand but if there will be down time, they will say something on the site and usually Twitter.
  4. No one has any idea when they will get certain fixes done. Some they get to right away and others take a while and I think this is more so down to them having trouble with fixing issues that haven been going on for months.
  5. Is this their way of getting more people to play Showdown cause I noticed there hasn't been many people playing it, at least not when I have tried. Rarely able to play it myself. I will check it out tonight.
  6. Good to know there is something that can be done if it doesn't work. I haven't done this yet so I suppose I should since it is just a free perk for having Prime.
  7. I'm still having issues, sometimes worse than others. I can't pinpoint the issue or even fix it. I have tried all methods I have found online and nothing sticks. The second I join a mission, complete it, and go back the animals are just gone again.
  8. I still don't understand the issue they are having with animal spawns and why they haven't been able to fix it. It is so random sometimes. Like there are times I am online and see a decent amount of animals, nothing what you would expect but still a decent amount, other times completely dead. Not even a snake.
  9. Same here. This was an issue for me for the story. I fixed it by saving it to another file. Not sure if it is still a known issue or not.
  10. Why use a shotgun? The better question is "Why not use a shotgun?". I mean in my experience, they suck for hunting but for everything else they are a freaking blast to use. Especially online.
  11. I wouldn't mind them focusing more on like a southern city setting. It would be like a mix of RDR2 and GTA V. Maybe model it after like Houston, Texas or something.
  12. Since posting this, I actually researched it. The coronavirus in and of itself is one of the most common viruses because it can be spread from animal to animal, animal to human, and human to human. What happened in China is just a hardier version but it has a 98% survival rate. Also, those who are older or have a weakened immune system are the ones who should be worried. Everyone else should be fine.
  13. Well, this really just took this great idea from 0 to 100 real quick. LOL
  14. I thought you meant the legendary one, my bad dude! You see the dock just up north from that spot? I find them there a lot.
  15. Sunday is the tradition. A lot of people call off work on Monday or take it off. Everyone knows about this and many places expect it. Super Bowl Sunday may as well be a national holiday with how people celebrate it.
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