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  1. Having played a little while now, I have not noticed any change no matter how little I used my horses or how "unclean" I kept them. They will level faster I think when you take better care of them but they won't lose levels from neglect.
  2. I checked into this myself and I can't seem to find the files either. I am thinking they didn't make them openly available this time maybe.
  3. For sure. I still play games from the mid to late 90's. If a game is solid enough, I will play it for years taking breaks in between. Recently went back and played MGS 1 and 2 having not played either since 2010.
  4. My mother had SAD and came to find out it was caused by a Vitamin D3 deficiency which is fairly common in areas that have cold winters. She started eating more fish and took a supplement and does so every fall/winter and no longer has the issue.
  5. Money probably. There are some people out there who loved the game, still do to this day. A friend of mine is one of them. They just wanted to milk the cow I guess while it was relevant.
  6. Oh yeah I forgot about that Bully push for sales. But they were giving it away for free with RDR2 so that is likely what that was. Makes sense though when you think about it. A game like that wouldn't have longstanding play value and that is what they are after now.
  7. I think this was for the console update. As far as I know, the PC version didn't get the same update so you likely got an older one. I didn't get one today or yesterday and I play on PC.
  8. I noticed this when I was hunting rabbits but it seems to be the case for anything small. Anytime I try to store the pelts in my satchel, they just seem to vanish as if nothing happened. I don't know if this is a new issues others are experiencing or what to think. I hadn't hunted much of anything the last few weeks so it might have been a problem for me for awhile. Just curious if this is happening to anyone else and if there is a way to fix it. No point in asking Rockstar. lol
  9. Maybe it is just me but the Superbowl has been hot garbage the last few years. I probably won't even be watching it this year. It is usually something I do just to hang with family but I don't know if I will bother. I'll just pick up some Taco Bell and vegetate myself in front of my computer.
  10. I did some digging and can't find any solid proof on another Bully game being made so there is that. You were right Parzival. I guess we should expect another GTA game next then.
  11. I know some people who do it for charity purposes. Can't hate on that but all those people on Tumblr who start chewing on dead animals and humping each other in the park clearly have mental illnesses. It is one thing to cosplay, this is a whole other ballpark. I'll leave it at that though, don't want to turn this into a furry discussion thread lol
  12. That could be a slogan for the next big furry convention! And yeah, it would not surprise me if they overdue it. Plenty of us have nagged them over the horrible state of animal spawns or lack their of.
  13. He is pretty terrible. I feel like we need a new rating for cases like this because sad might mean "sad for him" not so much sad over wanting to rid the dude off the game lol
  14. I have come to the conclusion that if someone is following or getting too close and they don't say they are being passive, I just shoot them or their horse. Worse case, it was a passive minded player and I apologize. I don't like people rolling up on me in the game that I don't know because many times, I have been shot dead with no warning.
  15. I thought they were making another Bully game or is the next GTA set to come out after that? Either way, they did GTA London (lol) already so eh. I would rather they do the next Bully game in the UK, not GTA.
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