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  1. Damn thanks for this man, I appreciate it. I actually just hopped on here for a few while waiting for a pizza to finish in the oven. I am about to go hop on RDR2 and give this a shot. I'll try to remember to report back. Thanks again.
  2. Ayy I have a cousin in Knob. He and his family moved out there like 10 years ago. It is a running joke with my family now that he lives somewhere between Albuquerque and the moon. lol
  3. I have tried a few as well and for me too, it is just boring. I feel like it isn't a traditional boring either, just a spastic one. Like I couldn't invest hours playing something like this and say I am having fun.
  4. Only 3? Is there like a trick to this because I hardly fished I am guessing in comparison to you and I lost damn near 10 now. lol
  5. I accidentally did this once. I kind of assumed it wasn't how the game was meant to work. Good on you for reporting it and reporting the people on YouTube spreading this. I think at the very least, they should be suspended for doing this as they are openly promoting cheating in the online game.
  6. Yeah I was going to say. This is hardly a "noob" thing. The game is designed for you to want to spend real money to boost your character and also to keep the game earning money so they can later invest in new things for us to have. Those "noobs" keep this game gaining more in development. lol
  7. A small town in Missouri that most people never even heard of. It is so small, I never tell people online because it would be too easy to find me. lol
  8. I am not a fan of these kinds of games but I can see why they are adding it in. If I do decide to get the game, I likely won't play it.
  9. I missed out on a lot my first time through but playing through a second time, I was able to actually slow down and notice all the little details. It is definitely a game worth playing at least twice. I am nearly done with my second run through so I will take a break and likely play again closer to summer.
  10. I am actually not sure. I think that would be a good question to ask Rockstar directly. You don't want your progress to be wiped by accident or anything.
  11. So leveling plays a role but only when you establish your cards and what not? I still don't fully understand the system they set up here lol They made it too complex in some areas.
  12. The Foxes aren't too great. I hadn't bought one but I used on offline in the story and they are a real pain in the rear. They seem to have minds of their own.
  13. Anyone know a creative way to start a posse war online but have everyone on board with it? I don't like just attacking other groups for no reason. I like both groups involved to know what is going on so we can all have fun.
  14. How many times has RD2O has double XP days? I just heard it happened once so I am a bit confused. I must have missed out on it. I hope they do this in the future. Maybe have a double XP weekend once a month or something.
  15. GatoNegro


    Wait, there was double XP happening? I didn't even know about it LOL! I mean when I was playing, it didn't give me anything extra. Maybe I wasn't on the days it was happening??
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