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  1. I was wondering if theres any place with a good stadh of money that i can farm?
  2. Did dutch ever come up with a solid plan that didnt fail, like seriously his “plans” always sucked.
  3. Its been announced that a battle royale is coming to Battlefield V and theres even some footage. What do you guys think about it, i personally like it. Electronic Arts put their own spin on battle royale with apex, and now they are making a battle royale for battlefield. I cant wait.
  4. I personally like rap/hip-hop, and bluegrass and r&b, and my favorite song has to be Robbery by Juice WRLD.
  5. I have this game called Stickman hook on my phone.
  6. Yes my son does game with me.
  7. My name is Mason N. from Pekin, Illinois and im 24 and i have a child who is 9. Yes i had a child at 14, and im a pretty casual gamer. I play Rainbow six siege, Red Dead Redemption 2, Gta and a lot of others. Add me on Playstation at SnailZ321.
  8. I only have arabian horses and their names are, Expensive, 2 Expensive, and ****er, after my girlfriend.
  9. My son likes to play Rdr2 with me but i havent played the story yet, and i just want to make sure he doesnt see something bad.
  10. Ive been playing Red Dead Online every now and then but i cant seem to ever get perfect pelt when im hunting with friends what do I do?
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