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  1. I wish there was a fast way. I always find myself needing to move to a new lobby for various reasons and it takes too damn long. I sometimes have to wait 5 minutes before it puts me in another lobby and having to do this 4 or 5 times in an hour easily adds of to spending nearly half my time waiting to play the game.
  2. I know a lot of people have had a number of complaints about the game. Some have quit completely and shelved the game while others opt for taking breaks. Did you give up on the game are are you still holding out for improvements? I don't play that often these days cause of the issues mainly which sucks. I am going to wait until they do another big update and if the issues aren't taken care of, I might have to just give up on the game and move on.
  3. I played last night with a few people. Shocked the game is still as active as it is. I know there was a clear hacker/modder in the lobby though which was annoying but he didn't really bother us.
  4. Cold makes me more tired for sure so likely is. I know people with not so good circulation also have trouble with feeling tired in the winter.
  5. Was on earlier today. Seemed to be more animals. Not sure if this is all over, just my location, or just that one lobby but I haven't seen this many animals in the game since early December.
  6. I don't know if it will change places, never tried this but if this is indeed a way to do it, it is worth knowing. I never understood why they didn't just have a freaking number option. Should add that to the game. Like I have my main horse and my second in command. The other two are specialty horses. One for speed and one for hunting. Mine never been in a convenient order.
  7. Pretty much this. It isn't an option and the second it becomes available, Rockstar will stop everything they are doing and rid the internet of it. And by everything they are doing, probably just making us more pointless clothes for RDR2 online. LOL
  8. I wish my dog was this talented at being a moron. Mine never seems to do anything funny. I was in a lobby a few weeks back and my friend's dog was actually stuck half way up a tree. I had been drinking and won't lie here, I pissed myself a little laughing. Sometimes glitches can make for some fantastic memories. LOL
  9. Hello! Glad to see people joining up. Tons of nice peeps on this forum, very chilled and mature too. I am sure you will make some good friends and find some gaming buddies if you stick around.
  10. I've smoked on and off for years. I never intentionally quit, it kind of just happens. I know one thing for sure though, when I buy a house I am not smoking in it ever. Anytime I stop smoking, I can smell the cigarette stench everywhere in my apartment after 2 weeks and drives me nuts.
  11. I have this issue too man. Had it since my early 20's. Seems like it is at its worse in the winter and early spring. I can sleep pretty good in the summer but I think that is down to just spending more time outside.
  12. I don't know what it is about GTA but it has always been one of those games I have loved and hated. Not hated because it was a bad game either, it just frustrates me, especially GTA V. I am hoping whatever they do next, the online mode is perfected.
  13. I have always bounced around with levels as I play with a few different people so I don't know if it would have been that. I have had the issue too but if it is indeed this, I hope it works for other people to sort this bug until Rockstar either fixes it or breaks something else lol
  14. I have had issues on and off with them for quite awhile. I don't know a fix for it either. Most of the time it happens over and over again until I switch lobbies a few times or it just happens to work the next time I am playing.
  15. It has been sometime since I played on console, been playing on PC since the release. Before that I was on a break. Noticed something right away... The lobbies are indeed filled with people whereas on PC, not so much.
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