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  1. Today I had the infinite loading screen when i tried to log in, which is a change from getting error 0x20010004 three times in a row when I try to log in, which was happening before today, bounty boards are completely inaccessible, and the save the travelers encounters are just a pillar of smoke everything else associated with them are nonexistent, but hey, at least thats more than we've in the past in terms of nonexistent random encounters. Getting very tired of each new update breaking the game in new annoying ways.
  2. Well the bounty board thing was still working, but it only worked for New Austin since it was the Armadillo board that i got the bounty from. It hadn't fixed any encounters in the rest of the map. So ive been to almost every bounty board and done a level one bounty at each, all random encounters are back, but I think it fixed some of the animal spawns too, Ive just gone from weeks of seeing no bears, wolves or cougars, and yesterday there was one aligator in the whole of Blue Water Marsh, to four 3 star grizzlies, three wolves, a cougar and at least five aligators as i was passing through the
  3. Ok so its all gone again, the props for the encounters spawn but no one is in them, weirdly the destroy the distillery encounter spawns with people in, only in the world and nothing on the map, but none actually work, the enemies just stand around doing nothing and you can walk around killing them and nothing happens. I tried doing bounties but nothing is working now.
  4. Ok so for a about three weeks most of the random eencounters in free roam had vanished, no strangers, no gang hideouts, no rescuing the tied up ungrateful police officer, the only things that happened were the occasional revenue agents, destroy the distillery, and wolf encounters. Some time last week, even they stopped, so no random events at all, despite playing every day for hours, nothing happend. Before i get the "but they are random events" I know that, but i should have encountered something, anything. This has happend before and it lasted weeks, and then one day after spending days
  5. I will check in a second, it totally messed up my chestnut Arabian so I will get her out and see if shes better
  6. Im glad to know im not going crazy and it is a thing
  7. I was literally just wondering if the reporting system actually works. I just ran into some trouble, not nearly as bad as what the OP went through, which is absolutely sickening, although I have been subjected to being tied up and kidnapped one or twice, which is creepy, but once you've shot them in the face a few times, those solo players soon parley. However the amount of abuse you guys went through is... well I feel for you guys, its absolutely abhorrent that kind of behaviour. Anyway, today and yesterday I just seem to be meeting posses of dickheads, especially the one today, just kept hou
  8. Does anyone else have problems with horse meal? it seems that everytime I use it, it messes with my horses cores. I was chasing a bounty earlier and typically went flying down an embankment, got back up, fed my with horse meal since it was the first food to hand, to try get her stamina back and she had no speed, it was like she was permanently running through a camp. Also I noticed that some times after feeding horse meal, despite the horse cores being high after they go back to normal, my horse would just randomly become malnourished. I've already sent a support ticked over that and i go
  9. I like everything but the travelers. After I spend a good while protecting you and your camp from wave after wave of bandits, doped up to the eyes on that super strength drug from Jessica Jones, I expect some god damn respect and then for you to drop me some disapproving tuts as I loot those assholes. No sir that will do, you have seen what I can do, so you better reign in that rudeness. But yeah the rest is fun.
  10. I was just about to post a thread about this and a possible solution to it. Ive had this for about a week, no gang hideouts, no random strangers, no travelers being attacked, I think it might have even messed up paid killings at one point. But last night the game some how magically fixed it self after I went into Blackwater and got a haircut. Either that or it happend after I accidentally ran into a wagon with a cougar on the back of my horse, and when i went to pick up the cougar it had become some weird taxidermy cougar with a skinned cougar dangling out of the bottom of it. But i think it w
  11. Damn my slow thumbs, you got in there before me Kean_1, I concede to your superior fingers and your quick thinking.
  12. Defensive mode just means players cannot use auto aim to kill you, and you take less damage than if you were in offensive mode, also even if the other player has Paint It Black as an ability players cannot target you, but they can still kill you if they manually aim at your head. As Harlock said, blue dots and red dots are the level of hostility a player has dished out, I was still a blue dot after killing another player twice (god damn griefers) but my aggro level went up to medium which ment my dot was still blue, but showed up on the mini map at a longer distance than if it was low. A red d
  13. Ah ok, thank you for the info and the link, and thanks for the warm welcome.
  14. For the love of god and all that is holy can you please remove the armor and dynamite arrows from Gun Rush, Its far too OP in my opinion, especially when someone has bunkered down in the top of the mansion and your are the only player left. Also can you put another route into the top of the mansion to make the choke hold on the stairs less of a problem. Thanks
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