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  1. I have no more patience…really Crash…crash…error…ctd…play, then crash….play crash play… I Always supported RS and their western games but they screwed up the PC version Lost THOUSANDS of in Game Dollars for crashes during gameplay Payed for most complete and most expensive version They need to solve the CTD, FREEZE, CRASHES issues ASAP ! ...and pay back us players with tons of free GOLD for our patience...expecially we Early Buyers with most expensive version !
  2. NO AMERICAN NATIVES are in the WAPITY Indian Reservation in the Online version, only in the SP. That is an obvious sign of racism or at least a sign of a complete lack of consideration for the Native Tribes. An immediate addition of Native Caracters, Bots, Outfits and weapons is requested or it will be intended as deliberate bad behaviour against Native Tribes and it will be adressed to whom it concerns.
  3. ALL U need in RDR2 Online is what these SMALL Devs are making ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsWnSQjF2UI
  4. Hahaha...ci siamo capiti !!!! Grazie Peppì...lo aggiungo al Thread
  5. Add to BUY or to MAKE a TRAVOIS, a type of sledge formerly used by North American Indians to carry goods, consisting of two joined poles pulled by a horse or dog. That will allow to take TWO more skins if attached to the horse but speed will be limited to walking only. Just make it with a blanket that covers the content so it will not need animation or new skin when pelts are loaded on it p.s. Already pointed out by me in the RDR2 Suggestions Thread
  6. Good news folks Apparently after this problem was mentioned on the RDR2 link that you pointed at me, fog in deserts is less now. Hope will stay like that permanently...
  7. I will believe that when I will see it…. They need to say WHEN and WHAT will be added. Or it will be just promising and leaving hopes ! Anyways.… the Online RDR2 so far is a big disappointment for me Not a Late Western at all but an Early Gangster instead….with some Battle Royale Events that have NOT a western feeling at all !
  8. Ok just keep it all as it is now … even if I was reporting the feeling of tons of players that do not like all that...but that just dont feel like reporting it because you guys do not care to listen...
  9. - Trappers Butchering Location are deserted in Online - NO Hand made Trappers or Native American OUTFIT available in online - NOT a single Native Tribe ...nor one single NATIVE AMERICAN NPC or any Native American NOTHING ! What all you Western Game Developers and Movie Makers have AGAINST NATIVES ?! This game looks more like an EARLY GANGSTERS than a LATE WESTERN ...and new outfit are all way too dandy and freaky...come on …! Old RDR was more WESTERN than the rdr2 is...and it was set 15 years LATER than rdr2 … beahh
  10. FOG is WAY too OFTEN and THICK. And it is too annoying. We loved the Old RDR for the nice sunny and clear weather in the South west ...and yes I was in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado and I have plenty of friends that still live there. DEVS just need to DRAMATICALLY reduce FOG and rain in the desertic SOUTH WEST !
  11. Why so much FOG all over RDR2 Online ??!! So annoying and absolutely UNREAL in the SOUTH WEST of the Map !!!
  12. A LOT of OUTFITS, ACTIONS, JOBS, LOCATIONS, NPCs (like Trappers, Natives, etc ) are NOT ONLINE ? WHY ?! At least what was in the single player should be in the ONLINE version. Or it will all feel EMPTY and BORING !!!
  13. Thank you very much for your kind and superfast feedback I will surely follow your advice hoping that DEVS will consider my suggestions
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