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  1. right next to the reset button is the option to pin a progress.... couldnt figure out what happens when i do.
  2. does anyone know how many new story missions for negative honor?
  3. yes. but still a hostile enemy shouldnt turn blue in the middle of a gunfight. and B. damn, how much hostile actions is it gonna take till these people start showing red. maybe a lot because of the more sever consequences. guess we'll see.
  4. yea. but. got into fights again tonight with aggressors. again, going blue all the time right in the middle of a fight, from enemy weird red to blue. annoying. also, how long does it damn take these days for a player to be considered hostile? just look at your player server list... all blue.
  5. yea. let me know if you or anyone finds out. so far it seems like they are just giving these people a little bit of leeway so the whole map isnt red again since you can now kill reds with no bounty.
  6. yea. after the update. i'm in offensive. everything was fine and he was enemy red for a lot of the fight but when he got spawned kind of far away and we didnt quite get to him fast, he went blue. i was hoping he'd be red at least and have to stay that way for a while. and yea, i even pressed charges before fighting him. maybe because the new hostility penalty is so severe they kind of give you a little break so it doesnt happen as easy? hummmm.
  7. ok. so. hanging in a peaceful st. denis and jerk shots me and my gf. he turns the enemy red, we kill him lots and he gets us a few times. then he spawns pretty far away and when we are going after him (hell! why not, no bounty to do so!! awesome)... he goes blue like he never did anything wrong. anyone know if that is a messed up mechanic? or do they give these people a bit of a break? or? thoughts?
  8. yes lumper! I started off soooo bad in pvp. now that i have levels so i have the cards wehre i want them and more expierence and lots of explosive stuff if i need to pull it out i do damn good. so far their are only a few people who give me trouble, but i dont mind getting killed because it means their bounty goes up and they gotta pay... i also call my horse to me all the time hoping that they kill it and lose another $4. i'm so sick of griefers and this is the only online game i can actually do something about it. so i do. are you on xbox? or ps4?
  9. Guess i'll be able to catch you lol
  10. i found new life in this game being an anti griefer. i wander around and do my thing and when someone shoots me i put them on my "list" and try to visit them any and every time i can to give them payback after payback. My possie is called The Law and me and my gf (the only two in it now) dress in the same police uniform and just whenever we want something different to do, i search up one of the names on my list, jump to their session and the payback continues. Fun stuff!
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