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  1. I don't drink hardly ever. Never been much of a drinker to begin with. I guess the flavor puts me off of it and I am not really a fan of feeling buzzed or drunk. I like to feel in control.
  2. Been in the mood for some comedy lately. Any recommendations for sitcoms or anything like that? Maybe a comedy series? Anything I see being recommended on sites are things I have no interest in or have already watched.
  3. You get money and vintage war handcuffs. Just be sure not to lose them cause you can't get them back if you do.
  4. You need to use arrows for this I believe. The easiest way to do it is to head to Emerald Ranch and go near the fence. There should be chickens there. Just shoot 8 of them in a row. You have to one shot them.
  5. I decided to update the console version of the game even though I mainly been playing on PC as of late and I did notice more animals but not enough to justify getting excited over. I had a good 20 to 30 minute hunting session and then I was back to not being able to find anything again.
  6. The stats are pretty different but as you level them up and all that, they kind of just blend together and become the same horse with only slight differences. I just went based on looks for most of the ones I have.
  7. Tweak the graphics settings a bit. Like mentioned, it could be an issue with DirectX which plenty of people have complained about with this game.
  8. I figured they would have kept the potions/medicine blends as the standard for this but yeah, eating certain things gets rid of it. Had no idea about the camp stew though, only the herbs.
  9. I never got that either cause that was like customary of the times. It just seemed odd nothing came of it. Maybe it was a detail Rockstar overlooked or something. I remember reading something about this on reddit I think it was. Someone mentioned this and said this might be where they introduce Undead Nightmare II. I can't remember all the details to his explanation but it is very unlikely anyways.
  10. mizTik

    EA Access

    I play a few games through the launcher but not big on sports games, not anymore anyways. I never considered joining EA Access but I will look into it. What do you get for subbing?
  11. I didn't watch the game but from what I heard, it wasn't that bad. Had eventful moments. People won't stop talking about the halftime show either. What year is it? 2002?
  12. When I first started playing online (on console) I just assumed this is where it would get to but it hasn't yet and I am not sure if/when they will make these changes. Camps are dull and boring to me. Hardly any action.
  13. I am shocked that they decided to add stuff for the story. Seems a bit delayed considering these additions should have been made awhile ago to the Xbox.
  14. Whatever you decide, make sure you keep that ammo fully stocked. Never know when someone is going to try to get the jump on you. Had a group of 4 (players) do that to me last night. I was so pissed. lol
  15. Remember the black lion from the old days of WoW? I do miss that game sometimes. I tamed him and named him Titan. Dude was a tank for my hunter.
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