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  1. I'm also STILL having issues with my cores. Full cores and bars before joining a showdown. Spawn in and my dead eye is red and empty and health core is at half. ****in annoying as hell.
  2. Been playing showdown for a few days now and haven't had ONE team shootout cycle through.
  3. Nope. I'm getting shot in the chest by a carbine and it destroys me
  4. Thanks for the replies. Have any of you contacted R* about it? They asked me to submit a video which I did but haven't heard anything since.
  5. I can't get ANY help from rockstar on this. Whenever I spawn my cores are drained. Most of the time it's just my deadeye. Usually a little less than half. But lately when I spawn (whether it's free roam or pvp) my stamina and deadeye are red and my health is at half. This happens regardless of how full my cores are whenever I die, fast travel, enter or leave pvp. Or entering free roam from anything. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there any solution? I tried clearing my cache, and my local saved games but it's still keeps happening. I'm at a loss and my character is super overweight because I constantly hafta eat to fill my cores. Please help AMD thanks in advance.
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