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  1. HI, Folks, I am playing through a second time. I am staying just before the Thomas Downes encounter, so still in Chapter 2. And I am trying to do all sorts of challenges as Arthur. One of the things I am doing is collecting orchids. I have the official guidebook and initially had no trouble collecting orchids. They were where the maps said. But at some point they seem to have disappeared. I mean, for places I have NOT yet visited that should contain orchids, there are no orchids there. I wondered if this was a printing error. But maybe it's a limit on what I can do given my still being in Chapter 2. I mean, I can still find other, regular plants and thing like crocodile eggs. It's the orchids that have dried up, even where they should be. It's got to the point where I can't believe it's a series of printing errors as there are just too many missing orchids. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Maybe it was deliberate. Maybe they thought that, depending on how the game went for each individual player, people would have different emotional responses.
  3. I was looking for cigarette cards (using the official guide book as a guide). I went to get the Flora of North America card number 3 at the location in the picture. While I was there, I heard a conversation between Trelawny and his family (or ONE of his families--who knows?). He seems to have a house with a wife and several children there in St Denis. Anyone else heard more about him or any other characters in strange places?
  4. Hi, folks, it seems most of the so-called 'secrets' I find online about the game are things that are already mentioned in the official guide book. I wonder if there is a list somewhere of real secrets that are NOT already in the guide. Do you know of one? Thank you.
  5. I think it really must me the string 'marica', though, as in Spanish that is a way of saying 'fa**ot'. If it were simply 'rica', then words like 'America' would also be banned. But, well, 'Maricarmen' is a common enough Spanish girls' name. (And 'rica' is simply the feminine singular adjective for 'tasty', 'rich', or 'sexy'.)
  6. I could have just used the English 'Mary Carmen' but it just wouldn't be the same. So I went with something else ('Schwabble'). I guess, like others, it's surprising Rockstar don't let people name horses whatever they want, at least in Story Mode.
  7. I'd like to know how to disable the profanity filter, if there's a way. I wanted to name a mare I had 'Maricarmen', which is really common name in Spanish. Is it because it contains 'marica' in it?
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