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  1. Thanks for help lads Yeah it was some of the stranger honor missions I never found, rockstar confused me 😜
  2. Oh thats a disaster T_T do you guys know where can I look up a full list of all missions anyways ?
  3. I just found out at social club that I missed a few missions in a couple of chapters, is there any way I can enable them now that I finished the game to see what they were about ? Oh and also I wonder how did it happen i missed all 4! missions in chapter 6 I dont rmeber giving up on anything.
  4. When you finish the epilogue story as Jhon you get 20k cash.
  5. O yes I remeber rd1 😜 I was just surprised the whole place went to waste, right I forgot about the online thingy Thanks for the answer
  6. So i finished the epilogue and I am about to run out of strangers too, but the game course never once took me to New Austin, I went over there for a stroll recently and the place does exist and has some backstory going on there but there arent any kind of mission out there, does anyone know why rockstar made a whole state and then left it out whats the plan for it ?:P
  7. Its funny how none of us ever noticed its the same symbol XD
  8. Just to let you guys know the grave is at my position in the picture not the marker I was just peeking in here and noticed now its a bit messy ^^
  9. So its Greek and has something to do with Chelonians right ?
  10. You have to return to that dumpy saloon in valentine and talk to the bartender
  11. I know, I ussualy try to stay away from game information as much as possible before I finish the story, cookies and companies spying are the worst like tho, I often get spoilers from just going on the youtube, because of vid titles on the front page that goolge thinks are mustchWATCHorDIE >.>
  12. Brave of you to come into topic taged with spoiler alert then 😜
  13. I was wondering, If anyone found out if the lads were ever actually getting around to get Arthur back when Colm nicked him at the desert parlay. It seemed like they werent but noone ever comes back to that situation ever again. Did any of you guys find out anything about that somwhere in the game ?
  14. Edit: The grave is at my position not the marker, sozzies for confusions 🐬
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