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  1. I guess I didn't realize a corpse will still show up as an X even if you didn't kill them.
  2. What are you currently spending your free time playing?
  3. I still want to try your Smoked Jack Burgers. Will make them one day.
  4. SPEAKING of which, why doesn't Arthur or John EVER "cop a squat" anywhere?? It could be a cut-scene where they disappear behind a bush or into an outhouse, but not having necessary "evacuation" moments is rather dumb.
  5. It would be a lot more handy if we got a pop-up notification saying, "You are now hungry," or "You are now exhausted," kind of like "You are now cold." That would help quite a bit to know when he should eat, drink, sleep, etc.
  6. I did find it. Thanks! Have you finished yet?
  7. Tell you what. If I sell the screenplay, I'll fly you and a few old buddies from the old F13 forum days to Ft. Worth for a massive barbecue party in my backyard. Best I can do. 😁 Agreed. Fruit wood does give a good dynamic to pork. But oak works quite well, too.
  8. Here's what you do: Sign up for email notifications for the word "Smoker" under "Free Stuff" on Craigslist. Start watching episodes of BBQ with Franklin on YouTube. By the time you've watched the whole (very interesting but not very many episodes) series, you'll have found a decent quality FREE second-hand offset smoker. Fire it up and use your new skills. P.S., if you live in an apartment and have nowhere for a smoker pit, consider begging your parents for a small patch of real estate in their backyard where you can keep it, and sweeten the deal by offering delicious barbecue meals (if they buy the meat). Enjoy. (P.S.S. - always use Oak. ONLY Oak.)
  9. To me, "barbecue" IS smoked. It's a noun, not a verb. Anything else using non-smoke direct or indirect heat is either "grilling" or "roasting". I always HAAAAATE it when people say, "Come over for barbecue!" Then they start grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. Pffttt. Liars. THIS is "barbecue".
  10. Totally (and respectfully) disagree. By comparison, the amount of effort needed to make this happen is infinitesimal compared to what they had to do to build RDR2. And that game's so hot right now - and SOOOOO many RDR2 players have never played the rest of John's story (or even know it!) - based on the needed time invested to make it happen vs. the enormous interest, they're guaranteed to make quite a lot more on it than they did on Undead Nightmare. Certainly it wouldn't come close to RDR2 sales, but it would be a grand moneymaker. Of this, I'm ridiculously confident. ALL the tools already exist. It would be silly not to.
  11. I make apple pie with Alton Brown's recipe -- using 80 proof Applejack in both the crust and the pie itself. Keep a bottle in the back of the fridge for just such an occasion. Barbecue.
  12. And as I said - already having the updated map, along with the motion captures and voice overs from the previous game - SHOULD make this a snap. --well, a "snap" compared to the enormous endeavor they undertook to complete RDR2, that is.
  13. Let's talk about this. We appear to be talking about different things. You're talking about a port of a game from a previous generation to another. What I'm talking about is them using the very SAME map from RDR2, then add the motion captures and the voice overs from the original RDR to the RDR2 engine. The only thing they'd really have to do is re-create the specific characters from RDR that Marston interacts with, and perhaps make a few tweaks to the towns to update them to the 1911 timeline. But I agree with you - attempting a PORT of the original RDR to the current console generation would be a calamity. But again, since they have the entire map updated and recreated, there'd be no need to port it. Let us not forget the epic round-the-clock scramble the poor folks at R* went through to hit their release deadline of RDR2. Had they finished early and had extra time, I'm sure that conversation (release an updated RDR with the new map before releasing RDR2) would have taken place. But up until zero hour before release, they were 100%+ swamped. There would have been no time for such a thing. That's why I think now is the right time to think about it.
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