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  1. It's also of note that some recipes have alternate crafting requirements. Select the potent predator bait then use left/right on the D pad
  2. There are several towns with no law enforcement. Van Horn, Butcher Creek and Armadillo that I can think of. The townsfolk will all attack you so you can kill as much as you want without getting a bounty. You'll still lose honor, of course.
  3. If you read my post, I already figured that out. It says LEADER in mirror lettering. As to what it all means tho, who knows.
  4. I've always noticed some strange symbols on a tree right outside this house but you can't see all of them for some reason. Recently I learned if you stand back farther from the tree the rest of the symbols become visible, but then you're too far away to see them properly. I also heard that burning the tree helps make them more visible. So I used a combination of that and stood reallllllly far away and used my binoculars to get a really good screenshot of the symbols. It looks like they are mirror letters that say LEADER, with the last character up for debate. It looks like it could be either C or X but a lot of people think it's a K (for Kraff) There's also a turtle symbol that's used by the Chelonians on the house. Anyways, I just thought I'd share my findings
  5. I've noticed this as well. The social club page seems very broken to me. It DID eventually update but i dont know what triggered that to happen.
  6. They're part of an easter egg related to the first Redemption's dlc, Undead Nightmare. The code translates to "Blessed are the peacemakers. Ayauhteotl" Ayauhteotl is the name of the Aztec deity who started the zombie apocalypse in order to retrieve her mask. Incidentally, you can find this mask (two of them actually) in the Fence's shop in Saint Denis.
  7. For the train robbing challenges i just took a train to Riggs station (nice and secluded) then when the train stops, rob one or two of the passengers then escape and run to Wallace station and repeat. The train doesn't need to be moving to rob it and robbing just 1 person counts. Also, idk about whether trains move after you get there, I'll have to do some testing. Also also, 'cut screams' is my new favorite thing Edit: The train worked just fine for me. It seemed to take forever before it took off again tho.
  8. Weird, maybe it's a ps4/xbox difference
  9. There's a list of all the cheats right at the top of this site ^_^;
  10. Nope, definitely a berry bush of some kind. There's a huckleberry bush on the ground nearby and they usually come in groups, so it probably just got misplaced there. It blends in really well with the tree unless you're using dead eye.
  11. I found the one you showed, looks like a huckleberry bush to me. I've seen another in the swampish area somewhere in one of the large oak looking trees, looked like a ginseng to me. Just some randomly misplaced plants. But like you said, they arent accessible.
  12. Most large, open-world games do this now. The point of having sooooo much beyond the boundary is so that no matter where you are on the map (like a particularly high point) youll always see map instead of a gaping hole into 'blue hell'. It's just easier for them to make a HUGE area than to make one that exactly fits the map and then go all over every point in the map and make sure you can't see out.
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