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  1. Just shot one yesterday. It's around nightime nears one of the falls.
  2. Oh - also had my two horses morph into one diagonally. They were stuck together
  3. lol that's great. There was an old Hermit, I forget where but there was a cow running around on his roof. Shot it eventually...
  4. Yeah that's that redhead dude from the 20's with all his fancy lingo. The one that wants all the rock carvings. Working on that today.....
  5. I find that sometimes even with a headshot the 3 star turns into a 1 star. Damn boar pelts are impossible. Using long rifle.
  6. They talk of the buffalo soldiers and the settlements look eerily just like the south part of the map where that guy lives with his son. Also- another similarity! Only 7 episodes. But long ones.
  7. And I honestly can't tell what's a show or what's a game anymore! lol
  8. I can't stop talking like Arthur! haha. My wife thinks I'm crazy. (she kinda digs it lol)
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