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  1. What I am fine. The issue being is that it was stated that they would give the campaign the same attention as they give the online content. They haven't. They didn't guarantee anything other then they would give it the same attention. To me game companies target larger and larger audiences with games and after release they only seem to want to focus on a smaller portion of that group. Yes campaign is nice. Yes they didn't state what there end plan was. They haven't gave any more attention to the campaign and focused totally on RDO. There are plenty of gamers that jump for joy. T
  2. I'm not going to waste my time looking up the article. I just remember that one of the guys from Rockstar being interviewed and stating that this wasn't going to be a western version of GTA5 or GTAO. No he didn't commit to adding DLC, he did state at that time, that they was going to focus to give the single player campaign the same focus that they would put to the online content. Which to me wasn't done, by the mere fact that they haven't paid 2 cents worth of attention to RDR2 since its release, once it came out they dropped everything to focus on RDO. For those that have a short m
  3. It keeps coming up cause prior to release, they made statements similar to "Oh, this isn't GTA. We intend to focus on the single player campaign as much as we do the online content. Then after everything is said and done, they have lied through their teeth about it. Seriously, this day and age, if you have zero intent to do it. Then say it upfront and don't make it sound as you are going to do something you have no interest in doing. The online seems to be following the same business model that GTAO did. Now with that being said, why yes the campaign was very nice. AKA, why some
  4. In GTAO, I knew a gent, that him and his crew, used to play that game to death and one point he stated he would never have to worry about money in the game. Every new thing he to buy right a way while others would have to farm forever to gain enough to buy new stuff. I would expect RDO, will follow the same path. I would figure that the new stuff won't be quite as crazy. Players will just be given new reasons to farm and gain money. Some will just have the money and never have to worry about it.
  5. It's simple, they are following a similar business plan they used with GTO. Now to say they care about SP vs Online, well their actions speak volumes. Yes the single player is fun, players enjoy it and would like to see extensions of that or spinoffs. Even though they had stated that they would give single player campaign the same focus that they would give the online, soon as it comes down to dollars and cents. They haven't focused on single player content since release. When the online hit, the campaign did it's job and got players playing. Nowadays, campaigns are nothing more
  6. Well, no reason to keep playing this junk anymore. All that talk about they was going to treat RDR different then they did GTA and yet they follow the same stupid gameplan that they used with GTA.
  7. Sad part is I was hoping this would have been more like RDR and less like GTA. Some players feel the other way and they won. I still enjoy the game, it's just not what it could have been.
  8. I admit I don't play this as much as I use to. When I do get on, I haven't really seen the griefing as much. This weekend I did get a special case and I admit to me it wasn't really griefing. I logged in and was doing a little fishing and hunting, when another player decided that what I really needed was his participation. I didn't really mind, I was just goofing around anyway. So he kills me and I respawn. He immediately charges at, as he comes charging at me I aim and accidently shoot and kill his horse. I then kill him. When he respawns, he rides away and I let him go. I f
  9. I agree. One of the reasons I don't play as much as I use to. Then again, I don't get griefed as much either.
  10. Why exactly is online gaming about wasting others' time? When did it stop being about having fun playing and enjoying a game? I understand not getting mad, but for so many. To have fun in games like this, too many feel they "Have to" disrupt the fun of others. The game designers feel a need to design the game so this becomes a priority.
  11. Yes, players being griefed can quit, change servers, sending nasty messages to the griefer. Why does it always have to those options? Why can't the big bad griefer, who is seeking crazy challenging hardcore PvP, why don't they go PvP with those who wish to PvP? Why do they seek easy targets if they want PvP? If there is an issue, players should be allowed to vent, they shouldn't have to run away just because their momma didn't teach them to share and it shows. Not saying that the PvE players shouldn't be a little thicker skinned then they are, but games like this seem to call
  12. I did like Charles, so seeing what actually happened to him would be cool. Sadie's story would be ok, but to me it could be wrapped up in a DLC for RDR2.
  13. Rockstar believes they can "fix" the "griefing" issue and keep the "one size fits all arena" and make everyone happy. You have stated it can't be done and I argued it can. Rockstar is doing it their way. Is it fixed? Some are happy, others aren't. Is it fixed though? If the answer is Rockstar believes it is. They take our critiques, our complaints, and our suggestions. They treat is like clay and shape it into what they think is best or works in their minds. They then release it as is, that is the point. Offensive and Defensive option, they believe it works and that is the poin
  14. Sad part is you guys can knock the rumors. Though they may not all be true, some of them prove to be true. There are just some things Rockstar doesn't want you to know, so they just don't say. Not a fan of reddit, but there are people on there that seem to find things that companies don't want you to know. It also doesn't mean finding out will change the end results. It just creates more what ifs.
  15. Yes, he has been reported to everyone who should be concerned. The response I got back was that I needed to provide physical proof. Seeing how this was through chat, it's hard to provide the proof that they wanted.
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