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  1. Some of us stopped long ago. I don't see anything to come back for either.
  2. I hate snow and won't live where there's a lot of it. But I live in Vegas and we got some the other night! Just a dusting but they closed schools the next day - crazy.
  3. I've always had an Xbox and got the X the day it came out. But here I just bought a PS4 to play God of War and I like it! I've already bought Bloodborne and will get The Show when it comes out.
  4. DLKnives


    I smoked for 30 years or more, then got deathly ill from pneumonia in July '17. Was on full life support for 5 days and they told the wife I was a goner. But I recovered only to get pneumonia again 2 more times in the next 6 months. I was told if I went back to smoking I'd be dead in no time so I got into vaping and now don't miss smoking at all. I used a Que at first, then a Juul (what all the kids use) and now a Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. For me it's a godsend and my doctor said "Good" when I told her I was vaping. Without vaping I'd be smoking for sure and probably dying. I also don't like the dweebs on videos that have to have the biggest clouds or best device - I'm trying to get nicotine in me and small clouds is what I'm after since the wife STILL doesn't like it. "Stealth vaping" LOL
  5. I finished it but left a LOT not done and explored. Man there's some tough fights! I started over with New Game+ and am doing a lot more side missions and exploring. Finding many more chests. Hey all you PS4 people - add me! I'm DLKnives and have 0 friends.
  6. I broke down and bought a PS4 to go with my Xbox. First thing I did was get God of War and I'll get The Show when it comes out. I'm about 10-12% done and this game is AMAZING. Everything I read about it is true, really worth buying the console. I'll get more PS4 exclusives as time goes on.
  7. It's not on Xbox, only PS4.
  8. Another reason I haven't played in over a week. And no updates. No good ones anyway.
  9. Not what I was waiting for, I'll keep on playing Borderlands 2 and XCOM. I don't do Fortnite even western style.
  10. Yep I quit last Thursday, just bored at level 35. Been playing other games. Don't know when an update is coming, but I think it'll be later rather than sooner. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. Since the day I could (that Wednesday) until last Thursday and I'm 35. Did a lot of fishing at first so I didn't level up very fast and I don't do PvP events.
  12. I don't think anything is coming for a while yet, maybe the end of the month. I've started playing something else since Friday, just bored with RDO. Hope I'm wrong on the timing.
  13. I'm just learning today that stirrups have perks. I never knew that and thought they were a waste of money!
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