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  1. Could very well me something they added to the game to make it easier without people knowing. Who knows. I just know that I didn't really do anything fancy and it ended up taking me around an hour to get it.
  2. I never knew you got anything for this. Sheesh, makes me wonder if I unlocked in on console and wasn't even aware of it. I didn't bother with them on PC, just played the main story mostly since I did all the side missions and collectors stuff on console already.
  3. Ew why would they do that? I mean this is something that should be an option given that robbery and thug/gang behavior is encouraged. This is just stupid to remove it.
  4. ^ That would be funny if they were paying for positive reviews. Wouldn't be the first time a gaming company has done it I am sure.
  5. They need some kind of functioning pawn shop to rid yourself of weapons you don't want. This way there is an option to always buy them back if you want but they can make it so some items go up in price when you buy them back.
  6. I never understood the need for that mushc privacy unless you were someone who was famous, had a lot of money, or you are doing some stuff that just isn't legal.
  7. No way they would do that, I agree. RDR2 brought in a butt ton of more fans too. I would imagine the numbers only grow. They are able to target two different types of players too. Some people like to play in a different time and others like to play in modern times.
  8. Welcome to the forum my fellow Northerner! Yeah, the game is a bit of a work in progress but good thing it looks so darn purdy or I think we all would have walked out on it by now. lol
  9. Hey there, welcome to the forum partner! Another new face? This is what I like to see. Hunting is one of my favorite aspects of the game, especially online so I am hoping it gets sorted soon. Enjoy your stay here dude!
  10. Welcome to the forum, partner! *tips hat* There are tons of cool people on here that are always up for posseing up. Glad to see some new faces popping up on here and sticking around. Enjoy the place
  11. Do you know what your power settings are by chance? I know by default, laptops will go to sleep for awhile and some games (depending on the launcher) won't stop that from happening.
  12. The only way I knew how to fix this was to take the horse I don't want coming out second and killing it or letting it die. Then getting the horse I want out second and doing the same thing. Then I get on my main horse and it fixed the order for me. You can try that if you'd like.
  13. I skimmed the video the other day when I seen it posted, wasn't signed in at the time. I feel like this is something some people care about but most players don't. They just want a game to run smoothly without issues and care little about security. I guess it depends on who you ask. But yes, Rockstar needs to sort themselves out already.
  14. Had a nearly 2 hour long session without any issue earlier today. I was shocked. I wasn't disconnected. I was able to find a decent amount of animals. No missions timed out on me and not black loading screens that never loaded. I don't want to get my hopes up because it has done this before and was crap the next day but it was nice.
  15. That is a good point. I mean it would make sense to pay someone to get rid. Like they did back in those times. I mean to me, it makes more sense than the pigs eating them.
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