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  1. I’m looking for members to join the Ghost Riders for PS4, as that appears to be the main platform for RDR2. Let me know if you guys are interested @TheBlackWolf
  2. Yes. All platforms are accepted. I messaged you on discord.
  3. The Ghost Riders posse is open to recruitment on all platforms. Feel free to view it here to see if you both are interested. Ghost Riders in The Frontier
  4. I have created my posse, waiting for moderator/administrator approval!
  5. Thank you for this information.
  6. That was 99% of GTAO for many years. 😂 many people wanted bikers update back in 2014 and it didn’t Come out until two years later.
  7. When I logged in Tuesday when the update went live I was able to just nonchalantly walk up to the boards and select the bounty I desired. Like @Kean_1 said, it could just be a load issue. Granted I’m on Xbox.
  8. I remember that time. Red dead online beta was pretty horrible at first too, with nothing to really do but hunt and do series.
  9. I typically adjust my NAT settings on XBO and it force lags everyone out of my session so I’m alone. Doing this it typically keeps it to just me unless I invite someone. Then it’s like the floodgates get opened.
  10. I’ve seen some YouTube videos about that. I just haven’t had the time to complete all the dailies every day cause some of them are time consuming as I’m sure y’all are WELL aware. 😂
  11. Gotcha. I’ll be grinding for those gold bars then cause I can’t afford to throw money at R* right now. Sorry for taking the topic off the rails. 😅
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