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  1. Exactly the same here... I never start it, but when things happen expect me to constantly harass you until you either leave the game or politely says sorry for disturbing my peace. Normally they don't expect a reaction and I got a few whiny messages from those kids about me going overkill. "Dude I killed you once!" YEP, that was you telling me it's ok to kill you how many times I desire aswell.
  2. Same thing happened here, a guy did this near a train track, no vendor near him... might be the signpost thing, I need to check if there was a fast travel there. I stood there for 2 or 3 minutes beating him senseless, the punches were connecting on both of us but no damage, when I rode away he became normal again, I was aware he could pull some coward bullsh*t and shot him first as soon as he pointed the gun.
  3. Another way was execution kills with special ammo on the mob from the last mission available.... 30xp per kill about 20 guys. Leave like 8 alive so you don't trigger the boss. Waste your lives, restart checkpoint, everybody back to life, rinse and repeat. It's extremely boring tho, did 2 times and couldn't see why anyone would be ok with that torture for just few levels. By the way we talked on the other asthetics topics you probably already know I'm all up for looking good and fancy... the reason I want fast levels is just to look pretty in nice clothes (Which are rank locked) Playing "The Sims" is were the fun is for me.... can't wait to have some houses for sale in-game.
  4. Rumor has it gold payout increases when you get to a higher reset count, I can't confirm it yet, got to the 3rd reset now and still getting 0.05... if anyone got it higher and knows about it, feel free to say something ahahaha.
  5. I ment immersion when getting into character, but anyways, we will still have not so good looking characters out there, look at GTA:O we could make good looking characters there, I had one and most people I knew that cared for that had one too, but 90% of the other people that didn't had ok characters... it's not like every single person online was a model... mostly weren't. Yet on single player we saw like 6 of them in the same group of outlaws that lived months in the woods with scraps and were constantly moving.
  6. Well the one I have beats the one I got from the stealing mission in speed and stamina, I got the worst one from those 4 choices. I didn't know they had different stats when I started so I chose the one I though was more appealing to the eyes. You mean when you call the Arabian the Scrawny Nag shows up? if so, it's a bug... I posted a work around in another topic: https://www.rdr2.org/forums/topic/3384-free-roam-missing-horse/ If that's not what you meant, then ignore this message hahahaha
  7. I hope they stay true to that, and they stop at that Gold Bar horse with better stamina and health stats.
  8. Well you may think it's not important. I lived my life playing RPGs so for me Character Creation is a huge deal when available, and when I see the pretty face I used my time and effort to sculpt showing up on MVP screens, Winner screens or mission CGs it makes me feel proud about the work I did, I don't know about the others but that also helps immersion for RP (I've done in GTA) sculpting your face and making it the way you like it helps developing attatchment and a sense on how to portrait that character, like voice and mannerisms, makes me be even more true to the way the character is.
  9. Alright, if you do own another horse, this means your horse died... yet he is alive in stables? YES, this is a bug, what I'm about to show is cruel but gets your horse back...a good way to get around is like this: Posting the video on spoilers the audio sucks, so if you wish follow the steps below... 1. Call the Scrawny Nag. 2. Go full speed into a wall, until it get critically injuried. 3. Mercy kill. 4. Left on d-pad, go to Stables, select owned horses, and pay the vet. 5. Whistle again, your owned horse should show up.
  10. The fact is, it doesn't matter the setting we are being put on, in this time being hit by a meteor in the face when you were born could be a common practice by whoever helped you get out, but that doesn't explain all the other beautifully done NPCs that should've got the same meteor to the face. The way things were in 1890 could explain why everyone look like they spent 3 years rubbing their faces in asphalt? Yes, but then again why the NPCs have the faces of someone that didn't... same time, same issues, a humongous GAP in the looks. "But 1 out of 100 people were good looking in that time." - I can see that, since all the NPCs are 1 and the players are the other 99.... we were shown beautiful people playing single player, we were shown beautiful people in online, Jessica LeClerk and Allison ( the girl you are suposed to save from bandits in twin rocks are good examples ) Yet wanting to play as a good looking character seems too much to ask.
  11. So about leaders dropping maps, can anyone confirm the veracity of that statement? I've completed a total of 10 hideouts, cleared 6, spared 5 leaders and then killed him soon after the button prompt, and the last I just killed him, no maps for me.... the other 4 where buggyouts where I killed everyone but it never cleared and the leader was just another red blip, no "hat dude" icon. EDIT: You missed an hideout near fort mercer, around this area: (or somewhere in that general direction)
  12. So far I bought fishing stuff and weapons for hunting, I wish I could waste on clothing but they are rank locked unfortunately :\
  13. So you automatically asume I'm bad because I said free aim requires more skill? I came from 5yrs of GTA:O this aim flick shoot is nothing new, all those headshots you pulled after a week I was doing on day one because of that... if I get anyone diving in front of me I'm killing them from that mistake, I just need to quickly aim again and flick to the right the time they need to get up from the dive I already killed them when they hit the floor.... Also you need to get near me, or I'll snipe you with a rifle because I prefer to free aim... I'm by no means PRO-Plays RDR competition gamer, in fact that adds literaly nothing to my life, I couldn't care less about that and I got better sh*t to do, but you are good I'll give you that and if being good at a TPS is what defines you then spend more time perfecting that and good luck to you partner. BTW I actually saw the whole video because I found it interesting, you click bait people with misleading titles or content... I would watch another before? Yes because of the content... will watch another now? Nope, the poster has shitty personality in my opinion.
  14. oh very nice, if you play in the PS4 and need any supporting roles or anything else feel free to message me
  15. pretty cool, is this going to be a series or just an intro to the character?
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