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  1. Look dude, I got my reasons. I wouldn't come out with utter bollocks like that for nothing. I was a competitive player on gta5 top 5 rng player, theres been a video with thousands of views made for that. We're all coming from GTA5 and ive already been playing with the top notch rng players and been mvping. You're right though, what matters is when private lobbies and cvcs start happening. What you really need to understand now is that THIS THREAD is the only place where I said 'is this the best player?' and it was done to get people to watch my friggin video. The YT title itself aint even claiming im the best. But for the record, im level 83 and other people have already said im one of the best right now just a week in
  2. Nothing wrong with having a bit of fun and competition on a game. No need to be a sour puss now.
  3. It looks like you're talking absolute nonsense just like all the other salty free aimers on here. I bet none of you are actually good anyway. Lemme ask you, why are you commenting on this thread? Is it to have a proper adult discussion without bullsh*t assumptions and ignorance, or are you really just trying to jump on the bandwagon of butthurt free aim wannabe pro's and act like you know everything about auto aim? Lmk bruv
  4. All you're talking is a load of nonsense and assumptions lmao this proves auto aim > free aim because you have nothing to say. When I respond to your points you come back with absolute bullsh*t like this. Why are you still replying on this forum if you can't be like an adult and not be ignorant and obsesses with auto aimers. Jeez dude. All these free aimers here crying and I could certainly bring a whole bunch on auto aim pro's to join in but I'm not sad enough to do that. I'm happy knowing I made you all bitch and whine by myself
  5. That wasn't helpful in the least you hypocrite XD are you another stingy ignorant free aimer too? Don't know why you're here complaining if not.
  6. This was my first and only post so actually it doesn't contradict anything. The count is going up because of my replies in THIS thread. By the way all you're doing is guessing. Nothing more.
  7. You have no way of telling it you got a nut shot lmao. But you can tell if its a headshot. In real life OBVIOUSLY police officers and soldiers should use cover. That's just so different to video games you idiot. It is definitely noobish in video games. Don't even compare real life to video games you're actually soo retarded and your points make no sense whatsoever. You can only repeat yourself without giving a proper, reasoned critique of auto aim. This is the problem with you free aimers. You can't put your case forward without sounding mad or repeating yourselves. Scoreboards may not care but we're not even TALKING about score boards here.
  8. I can back it up. RNG takes fast reaction times and the ability to be accurate in that short period of time. It requires you to dodge your opponents bullets out in the open without relying on a tree or a wall to cover you. Its your responsibility to dodge bullets and also make sure you hit your shots and not pay the price for missing your shots. Behind a wall you just stand still and take as many shots as you like. You can miss, you can stay there letting that wall be your protection. Its for straight noobs. Btw yes going for body shots is noobish, that goes for auto aim too. Bodyshotting in auto aim is for noobs. So too in free aim.
  9. 'Tellin it how it is' isn't good enough. Again you're pulling numbers out of thin air. Its not as simple as moving the analog stick up. If I sidestep you you cant just move your aim up because you'll still miss me. That's assuming you even get the aim up to the head quick enough in the first place anyway. 'Get over yourself' is a cheap way to get out of a losing argument lol i'll say it again...you wouldn't get a kill on me in auto aim. No matter whether you use auto or free aim on me. Free aim takes luck because you're literally guessing where the opponents head will be, or you're spamming bodyshots which is noobish af. RNG is the most skilled style of play that's why when private lobbies come out, RNG lobbies will take place and campers can go play with other campers. It takes no skill to sit and camp or hide behind a wall. That's just how it is and bragging about RNG in auto aim isn't bad at all because if it took NO skill or attributes, there would not CONSISTENTLY be players that do better than others. There would be no winners because it would all be random af. The best crew could lose to an average crew if it was luck. But that does not happen. The RNG takes more skill claim is just simply a fact and you don't have to like it but idc if you like it or not. Some styles require more skill than others. Just like some sports or degrees are more valued than others.
  10. No I wouldn't say you're bad for expressing that opinion but you fail to give credit where credit is due. You can't always counter diving in that way. The actual YT title is not clickbait at all btw. The title itself wasn't even full clickbait. I posed a question which draws people in.
  11. You're right but I didn't really care too much, chief. I don't use forums at all.
  12. Doesn't really bother me to be really honest. I don't care about this forum lmfao. I wont cry
  13. That's a very misinformed assumption. I don't know where you got 99% from. It definitely does not do 99% of the work, I could bet my house you wouldn't get a single kill on me in an auto aim 1v1. That would take a lot more than just 1% of the work to pull off lol. Free aim takes more luck for sure. It takes no strategy unless you are camping and waiting for people to spawn so you can go behind them, which is actually a very noobish style of play. RNG is by far the most skill-demanding style of play. Auto aim does seek out targets but by no means does that imply it takes no skill. You can get a easy kill from behind but hey you can do that in free aim just as much. A player who knows what hes doing wont just let you get an easy kill from the front like you imagine. They'll get you first or make you miss. By the way, theres always luck involved in free aim. They don't just shoot you dead unless their flick shotting is top notch and even the its guess work as to how your opponent will reposition themselves.
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