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  1. You just sound silly at this point. If they improve character appearance they will still fix the bugs and glitches. If they fix character appearance at all it will be after the bugs and glitches are taken care of obviously.
  2. I doubt it is the same people that make the 3d models as those who fix glitches. It does not matter to you, but what is wrong with caring how others feel? If there was something other people were worried about that I did not care about i would not be against rockstar fixing them. For example, a lot of people are getting lipstick on their male characters when entering the barber chair. Also, beards have been vanishing from male characters. And since visiting the barber gives them makeup that can not be removed they can not put the beard back on. I don't have a male character, so it is not affecting me. That does not mean I am going to tell them not to complain so rockstar will fix the things I am concerned about instead. Rockstar will fix the bugs and glitches, no doubt, but the things I that I am worried about may never be fixed. Especially with people like you saying its fine.
  3. To me the characters are not as well done as the NPC's at all. They have no eyelashes, the eyes are lopsided and the corners of the eyes are all messed up. The nostrils look like they were carved out of playdough. The facial expressions are horrid. The characters are always smooshing there lips together and making stupid expressions. I don't really know why you care if I think the characters are ugly. I know they can make beautiful characters, I just don't understand why they chose not to for the character creation presets.
  4. I shaved her head so you could see the eyebrows. I send this in as a bug report to rockstar. This is a bug, in creation I chose an eyebrow, and after the first cut scene it put another eyebrow in black on her face. So she has one that is black and one that is brown. its hard to tell in the lighting. No one in real life has two seperate eyebrows give me a break. I never said my character was hideous. i made this post on day one before I did any editing. There are only 3 okay looking presets for the females. The rest of them just look like a joke. And trust me it took me 3 days to get her to look decent. the preset is ugly without editing. She still is not anywhere near the female NPC's in the game, which I find unfair. And sense there are only a few decent presets every female looks the same (most are preset 11). I am not sure why they bothered making 11 presets when only a few are usable.
  5. So why are all the NPC's attractive for the most part? Most of the presets look like some grotesque inbreds, it is jarring when all the NPC's walking around look fine. I mean two pairs of eyebrows. So I guess 4 eyebrows?
  6. Makeup and hair do not change the facial structure. And yes I have been to the barber. Most of the haird styles are badly done, or do not fit the characters head properly. My character has a bug where she has two eyebrows, so there is only a few hairstyles I can wear that help cover that up. The makeup is the same in the barber as in creation, only you can not adjust intensity. The devs did make the presets. If they had made them normal/average looking people to begin with it be one thing, but instead it seems they went out of their way to make them ugly. Makes me wonder what their motive was, maybe they will sell premium character creation features in the future... who knows. I have seen other games do this. The free face presets are badly done and ugly, and you have to pay for a premium ticket to get the better faces. The struggle is real!
  7. I could care less what other people think of my character. I play with voice chat off and am in a party with my friend most of the time, so can't even hear others. (it is mostly cursing teenage boys anyways.) I want her to look good. When it is a beautiful sunset I want to be able to take some character selfies. After many hours (actually days) I got my character looking... okay. Even if they had pretty features, they are not as well done as the NPC's. They don't even have eyelashes. If you don't care how your character looks that's fine, but why act like no one else should care either? I certainly will not be telling you that you should care. If rockstar made the characters look better it would not hurt you.
  8. Hunting is my favorite things to do. I don't want the never ending nerf than buffing to mess up how the weapons work against animals. The Varmint rifle is used for small game and birds. If they reduce the range, how will I kill birds flying in the sky without damaging the carcass? The PVP is a joke in this game anyway. I would rather have PVE lobbies and leave the guns alone.
  9. I am sick of people saying back them people were ugly. First of all, no they were not all ugly. And PLENTY of women today are beautiful without makeup, or plastic surgery. With the economy the way it is it is not like everyone can even afford a nose job. Secondly, why are so many of the women NPC's in the singe player beautiful then? Abigail, Charlotte, Sadie, Tilly, Penelope, Bonnie, Mary-Beth, Karen, and Mary to name a few. There is a really beautiful NPC in the Online story mission "Love and Honor" named Alison. And the men too. Almost all the males in the Van Der Linde gang are attractive as well. Even a some of the other NPC's are good looking that are not in the gang. Acting like you only see the back of your character is absurd. Your character is in cut scenes for goodness sake. Also, I like using photo mode to take pictures of my character. Why even let us customize our own characters if it did not matter how they look?
  10. I am not sure why everyone's come back for how hideous the characters are is "Oh press X and there are more options" Yeah we know! Fighting an ugly face just to look "okay", or "Decent" is not what any of us want. Not to mention only 2-3 of the presets have ANY hope at all of looking like anything other than old granny Murfree. So everyone is using the same head base and everyone looks the same, or related at least. There are 11 base heads per gender, that should be enough of a variety... but unfortunately most of them are a lost cause and not amount of editing can save them. So everyone picks the same ones. Also, sometimes a character looks okay from the front, but from the side they have no chin and a weak jaw no matter what you do. The characters we play are not as well done as the NPC's PERIOD. We don't even have eyelashes! I wish they would not make stupid expressions in game. The characters are always smoothing there lips flat and licking their lips. The facial expressions are so awful its not even funny. Lets not kid ourselves, otherwise if everyone acts like the character creation is good enough, than Rockstar will never fix it.
  11. No amount of cosmetics will save these character base faces. They need to make completely new ones.
  12. What a shame! I was hoping for some decent teeth. All the main characters from the singleplayer have fine colored teeth.
  13. What is this Murfree Brood Online? The females are even worse. They are all old (even with 18 on slider and complexion adjustments). They are lumpy and disgusting. Rotten teeth, deep wrinkles, unrealistic facial proportions. I just want to be Charlotte, or Sadie. They made them ugly on purpose! The main game everyone is good looking! I am not even going to play unless they fix this.
  14. You can do it once you get into chapter 5.
  15. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. As a real life horse lover I was so happy they had a proper cremello and not just an albino. (which people often get mixed up) I am sad you can't change his name. I don't like his name at all
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