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  1. Oh wow, this is interesting, I’m on my second play through of the game and taking more time to explore this time and couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across these horses before. I can’t find anything about them online but they’re interesting! And agreed, the Murfree brood are pretty unkempt looking themselves so it’s only fitting that their horses would match!
  2. So I just saved a woman from the back of a horse and cart outside of Saint Denis, quickly killing the two men holding her captive (I’m assuming they were Murfree Brood fellers) and I always cut free the horse, ride it to a stable and sell it but this is a horse I haven’t come across before. The breed is definitely a standard breed (blanket appaloosa) however the she’s scruffy as hell, scabby, has hair missing and the skin on her legs is raw and bleeding. I took her through water, groomed her and gave her medicine all the normal stuff to make her regain health but she’s remained scruffy, wound
  3. When I did it I was in Chapter 6 and he was around this area.
  4. I got him!! He’s magnificent!! You also can’t change his name but oh well!
  5. Yes! This is what I found too! I’m so excited to get home and get this horse! Thanks everyone!
  6. Thank you!! I certainly will, I saw a video last night and believe it’s in the grizzlies in a stranger mission!
  7. I think I found it! In a stranger mission in the grizzlies, I haven’t done it yet but saw a youtube video yesterday!
  8. New to the forum but has anyone managed to come across the rare Cremello/Gold Dutch Warmblood horse yet? And if so, where?
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