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  1. Hi if you looking for a Posse on RDR2.org my Posse is open to all Irish Rebel Outlaws & If you are looking for a crew on Rockstar Social Club my Crew Irish Rebels is open to all also we have 81 members at the moment Thanx!
  2. i have notice that on rdr2 now i have - xp showing anyone no why?
  3. na in st denis area there definatly a drop of bore alligator a deer i always hunt in that area and i ant see as much wildlife now and there still problems with things disappearing aswel...
  4. lol must be i just gone blind r unlucky
  5. Hunting has been realy nurfed and badly hurt in red dead i have notice that in st deins and a lot of the map there is not as many animals dear or bore ect and the price u get for any animal part have been cut in half. Now i just fish and do stranger missions to try get some cash but i realy liked 2 hunt but find it ant wort my time now hope rockstar fix this in time...
  6. does any one know when the new dlc drops im liven in ireland and would like to no exactly when i can play it?
  7. Makaveli


    no 2xp i did strangers a story missio ns online and got NO extra xp rockstar realy starting 2 p**S me off now not for killing npc or completing them gggrrrrrrr
  8. Makaveli


    yea im over level 100 so didt realy matter to me just wanted a update but looks like thay just f"@k us again
  9. Makaveli


    yea im over level 100 so didt realy matter to me just wanted a update but looks like thay just f"@k us again
  10. Makaveli


    ok thanx bit of a rip off!!
  11. Makaveli


    2xp not working im not getting any extra xp doing stranger missions i do have any in my posse i just came on to see would it work does anyone no whats up?
  12. Makaveli


    When are we getting a new DLC we all can barely play rdr2 now without getting bored within 1 hour or 2 I myself have 160 gold bars $11500 and if a new DLC drops i know i probably have enough to buy what i want so i dont have to work to get it and be bored of running around doing stuff i know on gta5 the best part of the game for me was trying to scrape up the cash 2 buy what i wanted so i think rockstar needs to be ahead of us so they can give us something to always be working for i would like to see a lot more to do in free roam even just bring in some more missions might help for now... feel free to join my posse Irish Rebels Outlaws
  13. Hi all my bro notice and told me that when u sell ur stuff to the butcher some item,s u dont get ur cash and they will be gone from ur horse or satchel it just kind of freeze and u dont get any $$$ i say i must have lost over 1000$ and didt notice just thought i didt harvest as much as i thought i did
  14. Does anyone no when we are getting a new DLC on RDR2 online? i getting pretty sick of hunting now...
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