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  1. i have 105k now on my jeep. I haven't done any major repairs either, not that i could lol, mostly the basic maintenance and a few mods i've added to it for fun. Was talking to my dad last night about this, he's way more into mechanics than i am. He's adding new turbo and doodads to his Ram truck, 2500 turbo diesel , i think it's an '02 or '03, and he's been tinkering on his charger adding a few things. It's an '07. he didn't mention what he was doing on it. Guess he wants to surprise us next time we're there. He gets a kick out of modifying something then saying "hey you wanna drive the charger (or truck) up town with me?" lol Anyway, from what he remembers on all the cars and trucks he's owned things were mostly imperial until about the mid 70's when they started importing more parts. His old Dodge '73 PowerWagon is a good mix of metric and imperial.
  2. never could understand how you tie in RPing with a video game. I grew up playing D&D and roleplaying those characters, not to the extent of some of he LARPers but we were in character fully while we played, except for smoke break time or call for pizza dinner time
  3. probably. summer is always busy, less time for online as people are outdoors more often.
  4. i'm not very mechanically inclined. i can just do the basics like oil change and tire change and spark plugs and such. On my '11 Jeep it's all metric that i've run into so far. I rent now so i don't do much around the house like i used to. most everything back then was screw drivers or metric on the appliances.
  5. https://www.ign.com/wikis/red-dead-redemption-2/An_American_Pastoral_Scene
  6. forum sure died i take a vacation and nobody is around anymore. you gotta be in the right spot to catch them. Google them and there's numerous videos\guides on where to stand and cast.
  7. America should be green also, more are moving to metric. Almost all cars use metric bolts and measurements, I can't remember the last time i used a standard wrench. They're all still shiny and new in the toolbox, the metric are grubby and well used doctor's are now doing everything in metric, i just found out last week i weigh 120 kg and i'm 193 cm tall.
  8. Sounds like the game glitched getting the bison early before the area is unlocked.
  9. fishing spots for....? you'll need to start the legendary fish mission to unlock the bait shop in Lagras, you'll catch the biggest fish with those lures. You'll also get a legendary fish map with the best fishing spots for each type of fish.
  10. You'll find the buck all over, anywhere you see deer you have a chance to see a buck. Go north of Lake Owanjila up into the hills there, i always find a buck. Ram are in the high country, head up to the chapter 1 camp and go north, or go to Cairn Lake, they'll be all over in the snow areas.
  11. it's a game..... Oh here's one, Don't be a Dutch and screw your people over
  12. nope. Reload the save again, check for the horse, if not there reload again, i had to do that when i was taming it and got attacked by wolves. Stupid wolves attacked while i was breaking the horse. Took like 3 reloads to get the horse to spawn in again.
  13. Ditto that, i'd buy them again.
  14. I went back 2 chapters the first time i lost the white arabian. Don't jump a train at Braccus station, the horse will run off the bridge.
  15. The BS is that they program the game to reduce the animal spawn when you get a mission for X animal.
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