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  1. Hi All, I was curious to see which kind of legendary animals would you like to see fill out the last of those question marks in the Animal Guide/Compendium. It came to the back of my mind after playing the Rutile Horn Ram because that's a really cool looking animal in my opinion. It's hard not to expect the legendary bears to be added, assuming the animals come in trios (two free roam animals, one sighting mission). I really hope they bring panthers or some other rare cat (maybe even bring out that Jaguar from the Natruralist ads earlier on). Although, Pronghorns makes more sense, they really wouldn't make it as challenging/exciting as the other animals mentioned. Thoughts?
  2. The Legendary Wolves in this DLC sound like absolute MONSTERS!....
  3. I'll jump into this conversation as well. When I first got into the Naturalist role, I was a little confused at first on the purpose of the role. But, the more I played into the role, the more interesting the role. I feel like it's one of those that you actually have into in order to enjoy the new role. I think the missions in this role are harder than the other 4 roles. I'm on lvl 10 on the role, but lvl 5 is where I thought it gets more diverse.
  4. Yeah, sometimes I'll around the range like "Nice bout!" on a free-for-all match or any free roam event that you actually have to fight with other players to win the event, or "Nice job keeping it clean!" (no sarcasm) on free roam events that fighting with other players is dirty play. I can see why, but I personally have my mic on out of habit from when RDO's official launch first came out with all the griefers were all out. Haven't dealt with many griefers lately though. At least it's good to know that I'm not the only one giving credit after a good round.
  5. Hey y'all, Just curious if anyone gives their way of saying 'good game' through the mic or in chat. I'll sometimes do that, especially if it was a close game and played the right way by the winner. (ex: hogtie someone in a Master Archer even is not the right way since no points count for that). My most recent 'good game' props to the winner after finishing a close 2nd was in a Salvage event by one collectible. 3rd place was 10 items behind, so me and the winner had a good one.
  6. Lancaster with it's faster fire rate, the Litchfield seems to fire even slower than before the recent update.
  7. I normally use same setup as Lumper mentioned, and the new Navy Revolver responds nicely with S+S, Fool Me Once, Iron Lung, and Peak Condition lvl 3s, and Gunslinger's Choice as a swap-out for #4 for an alternative.
  8. Seeing 20 degrees with a blizzard in New Austin and Lemoyne is honestly hilarious to me hahaha
  9. Nacogdoches for me, Although I did realize it may taken a slight nerf from the added speed after the update, currently using it with my MFT. On a side note, OP nice avatar with a real life gunslinger in Doc Holliday.
  10. I'm only on level 7 in the moonshiners role due to a late start. Can only make about as much as flu mentioned with the medium flavored shine. The only difference is I'm not as lucky with revenuers, basically 50/50 between them bothering me and them just telling me to keep going.
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has noticed that some of the slopes that our horses should be able to climb up (and I'm about hills that aren't even steep for RDR2 standards); but end up slipping and falling on their faces and getting badly hurt, even critically hurt if they fall in the right spot. I can see them not being able to climb up cliffs in Ambarino unless you glitch as an example, but there some spots, such as by Macfarlane Ranch or Thieves Landing that my horse once able to climb but are now just slippery slopes. Although this is odd, the second part of the topic is a lot more concerning (submitted a ticket to R*). I noticed this a lot more by Tumbleweed/Gaptooth Ridge where my horse would just wouldn't move at all, even it I was trying to ride on the path instead of trailblazing. Seems in this particular areas, when I accidentally get it to jump over a smaller rock on the side of the path, the horse would instantly shut down like it's right on a cliff. I was wondering if anyone else noticed anything different with our horses, and to give a heads-up because the bug is noticeable in the West New Austin Area, and that is not a bug for R* to keep.
  12. Yeah, I've only been bit by a snake once each between online and story play, and have been poisoned on both occasions. The potent health cure worked in story mode, but in online, only ginseng and superior stew (which is news to me) works. As others said, always keep some ginseng. I always snag them as I go by.
  13. First time playing this event today as well. I actually like this event. It's a very different style than other free roam events I've played.
  14. I've seen the invites for this event, but never played them before. If that's the case, then I'll try it out. Thank you for the memo sir.
  15. I definitely agree on the bigger search area. 20+ people in a small area can get annoying, especially in the Wild Animal Kill Events.
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