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  1. Kormath's post in I can't get the legendary coyote was marked as the answer   
    not sure what you mean "crushed of the map"  you mean X'd on the map?  it's a known glitch, happens with legendary fish also.  go back to an earlier save (hopefully you've been manually saving before each of these).  
  2. Kormath's post in What happened to the special weapons I gained? was marked as the answer   
    not in the knife section of the weapon wheel with R1/L1?
  3. Kormath's post in My main horse died in Lemoyne gang ambush,what do I do?! was marked as the answer   
    Buy it back in Valetine's stables.  The DLC horses are the only ones that don't die true death.  Any other horse is permanently gone when dead.
  4. Kormath's post in Weapons expert 9 was marked as the answer   
    Sure was simple, somehow I missed it has to be from behind.  Hanging dog ranch is great for this btw.  Hide in the brush take out the guy in the tower, then there's a walker to your right wait for him to turn away, etc.  Got all 9 right there, only had to run and reset once, too about 20 minutes.
  5. Kormath's post in Fun things to do was marked as the answer   
    you can hunt all the legendary animals but the 3 in New Austin,  I would strongly suggest hunting and getting the Legend of the east Satchel.  Also start the legendary fish, you can catch all but 3 of them, the last 3 being in New Austin.
    There's the challenges - the gunslinger, bandit, herbalist, etc.  
    I've been playing the game almost every night since it's release, and i've only made it into chapter 4, because i wanted to unlock that dead eye bonus.  You have to unlock the horse fence in chapter 3 for a bandit challenge.
    Then there's the treasure hunts,
    Then finding all the rock carvings.
    then finding all the dinosaur bones (there's a few in New Austin),
    then just going out and exploring and seeing all the awesomeness that's in the game.
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