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  1. I was playing RDR and all of a sudden my horse was very slow. I went to first person and everything was okay. Why can i not play in 3rd person
  2. what will happen if I restart ? will I be able to come back to where i was?
  3. yes the horse is just going slow i tried that no help.
  4. when pressing the x button on controller on ps 4 my horse no longer runs or follows quickly
  5. when trying to get dead eye, I am following the instruction hold L! then press R1 but does not seem to work. Am i doing something wrong?
  6. cannot complete the mission American pastoral scene. can you skip the mission and still go to another mission or is the game over.
  7. I am having a difficult time getting through the mission American Pastoral scene. I have tried everything about 100 times. Do you have to use red eye or can you just shot the guards? I do not have to have the gold I just want to finish the mission. Or can I just skipped the mission and maybe come back. I am having a difficult time because I am brand new to video games. Any help or tips to get through the mission will be greatly appreciated.
  8. cannot complete the mission do you have do head shots? I do not need the gold I just want to complete the mission thank you for the help
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