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  1. I think I either need to accept this is one game I will forever suck at PVP in or I am just always so unlucky. First and foremost please be assured I have learned and will be forever greatful for the tips and advice and Information etc you have already given me, this is where I currently stand... Do you think it is wise to just quit PVP entirely because of all the idiots using Cronus etc? I love this game so much it is honestly my favourite but the PVP along with a lot of the people ruin it and I’ve had enough. I can’t see the point anymore in even trying
  2. Sorry to ask this, do any of you know how Mary knew Arthur was at Horseshoe Overlook Camp and how on earth her letter to Arthur got delivered there lol? I must sound ridiculous, it is my OCD and I am sorry.
  3. Oh man, I do apologise for the typo in the title
  4. Hey Good Afternoon to all, I am just wondering if any of you guys and girls are having problems finding legendary animals in free roam? I have heard a few rumours going around, one being that if you are Rank 15 or higher Naturalist then legendaries will not spawn due to a current bug and the other being that they only spawn in solo lobbies. Well I can honestly confirm that I am Rank 12 Naturalist, I have spent 2 whole days in a solo lobby and I have not seen one legendary animal at all. I have also made sure that it has been raining/stormy and that I am at the correct spawn
  5. I uploaded them to YouTube, time to watch the noob haha
  6. James honestly Thank You so much, all that effort to help me, I seriously appreciate all of that! Cheers man. I will try to upload some clips I had against my friend today, I hope they upload and the quality is good enough for you to watch, they show my exact problem with not being able to get headshots, you should be able to see I shoot my friend like 3 times in the head at one point before they die, my friend only uses Never Without One which would explain being able to survive one headshot and definitely not using Tonics, I understand I was not using PIB here but do you see what I mean
  7. Thank You once again for your advice, I honestly give up I just can’t get headshots honestly. Unless players do not die from one shot no more? They are 100% not using Slow & Steady or Never Without One, I check their cards. I use paint it black and if I don’t use paint it black I very precisely wait for my bloom to go and make sure I shoot straight into their head, but they just do not die. Going back to how the reticle movement is different on players compared to NPCs, could I be doing something wrong here? I don’t think I am tho but I obviously am, just not doing something right but I cl
  8. Thanks so much for your advice here James, right I will definitely change my reticle size, it does make sense now you mention how the auto aim moves off their head, am I correct now that I therefore must actually paint their head and not just be able to get headshots from only going into dead eye? I just wonder because some people say Paint It Black cancels out all bloom but it doesn’t work that way for me, so do I actually have to paint their head first? I am on PlayStation 4 I will probably sound so stupid here but I’ll be honest, I made a new account so the only gun I have at the
  9. Sorry to ask again, I haven’t been on Red Dead in a while, I just need to ask the pros here something which is again bugging me. I cannot for the life of me get headshots on players, NPCs I have no problem, I use Paint It Black, I am hitting the players head 100% but they do not die, what is it I am doing wrong guys? The only thing I seem to have noticed is my reticle seems to sway and move off their head when locked on and I do have my Dead Eye core at 100% aswell as a 100% clean weapon, but even with Paint It Black the players I shoot do not die. Has there been a change
  10. Ambarino snowy mountains used to be good for me but now I find nothing there, what I can say is now everytime I have been in Big Valley there have been loads, give Big Valley a try, but yeah this damn bug where the camp won't spawn has basically made me give up with Trader
  11. So after trying to find a way to rank up, I found it - collecter, all I can say is OMG, and heaps or cash too, the only downfall is no gold. My question is, what keeps you guys grinding and or playing? Please don't get me wrong but do you ever feel like you are grinding for like nothing and not really seeing the end game? It kind of feels like I am not playing a game these days and am working a job lol. I will soon have every single ability card maxed out, then I can have all weapons, get all the pamphlets. I find myself asking and having this negativity that one day all this mo
  12. Sorry to bump this thread and be annoying but honestly I cannot for the life of me get good at PVP. I cannot understand how players are getting headshots with what seems with no effort at all. I have tried Paint It Black as I heard it is the new meta, and all you have to do is aim to their head, activate dead eye and Paint It Black cancels all bloom? Still, it does not work for me. Players I am shooting straight in the head do not die, I check their abilities, no slow and steady or never without one, I promise you I am straight up hitting them in the head, with Paint It Black and they sur
  13. Good Evening all, I am just wondering if any of you are having a problem of only being awarded gold and nothing else on some bounties? I have also checked I am choosing the $$$ ones and still so many times I am only getting 0.32 gold, no XP or cash. Another thing is me and my friend get entirely different payouts, today my friend got $70 for the legendary bounty and I got $39, I also own the Outlaw Pass and was Posse Leader, my friend does not own the Outlaw Pass. Also, is it just me but it seems to take forever to Rank Up, I can grind flat out for like 12 hours and barely make 2 Ranks, w
  14. Very excellent information from everyone! Thanks a ton I am glad I now know why players are not getting killed - Tonics and cheats. To be completely honest, the one major thing I want sorted is headshots, I personally think they are a major problem for less experienced players like me, constantly being headshotted over and over by a player that you can't see on your radar just seriously annoys me, can't seem to defend in any way, unless of course we down tonics and Minty Big Game, but honestly I at the moment don't have the energy or will to try to that extreme level just to win matches.
  15. Cheers bud I currently have Paint It Black, Peak Condition, Winning Streak and Never Without One, I am still getting headshotted so easily. I have tried I just don't know anymore what to do, it's like I am doing something massively wrong
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