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  1. Yes already submitted it to R* after getting the link from another post you posted to.. And not leaving the game just not playing online till these issues are addressed which im sure will be in time, And if this is just a fan base then your right no point in me posting any thing here in future.. Ty
  2. Whilst I do not agree with the latest glitch of duplicating kills ( I hope R* will be rolling back the accounts of all involved in doing the duplication exploit ) I did like the fact we could go into passive mode. I enjoyed a few hours of no hassle hunting in tumbleweed with out a hole griefers attacking me in packs. Now it seems this way of entering passive mode has been patched much to the annoyance of many players. Some time`s we just want to hunt in peace if we want to run around shooting every one we go to showdown. Another thing is the last update to try and help combat griefers by making them a red dot on the map and a bounty for killing other players, Now where is the logic in doing this then adding kill other players in daily challenges...? This leads to non griefer players being punished for defending them self's against these griefers by receiving a bounty.. We need a choice of going into passive mode so we can just hunt in peace. Some times I don't want to have to check the map every 2 mins to see if some one is heading my way to grief me ( not that we can now after the last update ). And the parlay system is not a cure for this, Also the last update made hunting worse lower sell prices and longer spawn times if at all. R* really needs to address these issue as the way online is at the moment is not enjoyable for most. I don't want to have to grind away for hours to earn cash then lose my kills to some a hole pack of griefers. R* needs to listen to its fan base and not the how much they can squeeze out of players with pointless micro transaction. I love the whole concept of the game but the way it is at moment its not enjoyable its more frustrating than any thing.. Here's how I think it should be set up give players the option of passive mode with out limits. Add the kill players challenges to the showdown event only this will force griefers to have to do showdown if they want to clear all daily challenges.. sadly i will be shelving this game till these issues have been sorted out.
  3. I would like to see high bounties put on persistent griefers in the game. It's getting out of hand now most are low level kids but some are high level adults. Another feature that could be added is a safe time card meaning for a short period you can not be attacked or attack any one. Nothing more annoying than spending 2 hours collecting perfect pelts just to have them lost by some A hole greifer shooting you and your horse whilst on the way to sell them, I dont get why these fools dont just join showdown if that's the kind of play they want.
  4. Thanks for the reply the pelts I got during the mission and the hide outs I solo and don't often die thanks to the tonics but the issues seems to been the same in all hide outs I do, Hopefully it is some thing that will be sorted before the beta testing is over. Another thing I have noticed is no trains running any more guess those pesky aliens abducted all the trains
  5. Has any one else got the issue with pelts vanishing after doing a mission I had 5 perfect wolf pelts I collected during a mission to intercept a wagon when the mission ended the pelts had gone... Similar issue with hide outs I kill 10 or so in the hide out to only have 3-5 left at the end to loot.. kinda getting fed up with all the issues in the game now
  6. Thanks for the welcome and will report it just hope the issue gets sorted fast
  7. I bought over 30 health tonics picked up 20 from the supply chest at camp yet in items it says empty..?
  8. Would be good but mine are bugged and showing as empty even though I bought 30 another darn bug in the game.
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