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  1. Rockstars latest suggestion was to reinstall... which I did to a different hard drive.... still happens. At this point I'll just finish the game like this.. very weird
  2. Sadly it's not the bluetooth. I started with the xboxone controller plugged in through USB wirelessly, and was having the issues where the triggers wouldn't register as fully pressed, so you couldn't talk to people. Then switched to wired keyboard, and that's when the input focus started. I actually setup my bluetooth because the keyboard/trackball kept losing focus. Even does it to my usb wireless logitech f710. It's annoying, but workable. Almost finished the game, and compared to what some people have had to deal with to get it to run, I can't complain too much. Other then this weird
  3. Windows 10, fully updated. Xboxone controller isn't connected through usb. On board bluetooth. Though I'll try swapping keyboard and trackball and see if that makes a difference
  4. Uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher, all drivers are up to date. Still does it. Even updated my bios for the hell of it.
  5. Ya it's the only game that does it, and I bought through rockstar, so just the rockstar launcher
  6. Anyone else have the issue where it's like the game loses focus, and stops responding to any inputs? Happens with bluetooth xboxone controller, wireless usb logitech controller, and even keyboard mouse input. Have to alt tab in and out to regain control. Seldom happens while doing something in game, happens regularly while in any menu, and during cinematic camera rides. Ran an app to monitor windows focus, and other then xbox game bar, which I then disabled, nothing else has ever appeared. Haven't heard back from rockstar yet.
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