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  1. I agree that RDO needs content update bad. the problem is that R* and Take 2 doesnt listen to community. So much was possible to implement and so much was promised and all came down the sink or toilet if you like. The updates were released overdue and content they brought could be done in days if you played a lot. There were supposed to be train robberies, estates to buy and so on - nowhere to be found. I lost hope in further RDR 2 development besides cosmetics and some new pvp modes and missions like blood money. All and all RDR2 story mode is one of the best games i ever played and i had loads and loads of fun in Online Reaching lvl 456 (lol i realised that its the same number like in Squid Game last player XXXXD ) and still log in sometimes to play a bit (hope for the haloween event to start soon). So yeah Rdo$ and gold..... dont worry about it so much. I have around 2 k Gold and 150 K RDO$ and the problem is that You cant even spend it. And about the Indians- I've noticed that its a very hard topic for the devs and U.S.A. and they did everything not to involve indians to the game (history wise) but then again they did the KKK thing in Story mode and then after some time took it off bcoz of the pressure from the media and community but they lef A LOT of racism stuff and its fine to just run over a black worker in the farm but no Sir , not the indians !!!
  2. Just bad luck with the rotation, I also had a few times that i could not sell the shine for the max price and what i did is just do something else and get back to the shack afterwards to see if the buyers are unblocked. Also IMO there is no point in making the best shine unless: You have a daily for making one You want to have the best shine ready for everytime ur inside to get the health, stamina, dead eye yellow buff (but you can always pop a tonic and have those effects) The diffrence in selling the 2 star and 3 star shine is too small to bother and you often have no buyer for it. Cheers partner !!!
  3. Welcome to the game partner ! If you played the Story Mode you remeber that pressing those two thumbsticks will eneble dead eye (slow mode and aiming) but that only works that way in STORY MODE. If you started to play Online you first have to learn a dead eye skill with a card of your choice (you can choose from a couple of skill cards with dead eye skills - either its "paint it black" which is my personal fav or slow & steady, or dmg increase or other of your choosing). Only with the dead eye card equipped you will have the ability to use the dead eye by pressing those two thumbsticks. Remember also that skill cards can be upgraded to lvl 3 by equipping them and gaining exp. Hope that clears things up. If you need further help just ask. Cya !
  4. Went to the site to take a peak and voilà ! Update. Will have to check this out soon. Too much work for now. Cya in game sometime !!!
  5. Yeah i had my facts wrong on that. Would love to play remastered RDR1 tho Dont have anything to play atm.
  6. I lost all hope for updating the game month's ago. The only thing that will bring me back to play regulary would be massive, massive update - all the things R* promised for this title and never delivered. Honestly - i dont think that they will deliver. Its going to be some new missions and a new or expanded role and that is it. I would love to play Story mode one more time if they upgrade to XBOX series S/X versions. R* promised transition of GTA V to nex gen consoles by tthe end of 2nd quarter but its 8 june already and still nothing so i expect that we will w8 more. I wonder if they will upgrade RDR2 too or maybe release RDR remastered. Cheers partners !
  7. Hey there ! I came back to the game after a long absence and played over the weekend before the Outlaw pass No. 4 finished on the 16th of march. I grinded all weekend bcoz i wanted to get the carabine ammo bag upgrade ( i didnt know at that time that it only includes normal ammo - sux) and got to lvl 62 in two days. I was attacked by some posse of players but i ignored them bcoz i didnt want to waste time on skirmishing with them. After one of them killed me 2 or three times with Carcano i changed session and joined my camp from the menu. After i spawned in my camp the guy that shot me spawned near me in my camp and started to make emotes. So yeah - there are cheats in console online mode. Then a friend of mine told me about the CronusMAX cheat for consoles and PC. PPL use it and it works. Sad.
  8. Sooo any of you played the new missions ? or they didnt implement it yet? Not playing atm but still hoping for some good update to the game to make me reinstall and play again.
  9. Actually i feel finally free of the game since i stopped playing. Sad but its how i feel. R* will not deliver what we all hoped for. So i left my char with 443 lvl ~1900 GB and 200k+ RDO$ and shelved the game. I dont think ill ever come back. There are so many new titles comming that will blow my mind.
  10. Ah sry. You mean the enchanced to Xbox One x. IT does on x series im sure the same with s version
  11. So after month's and month's of waiting we get TEN MORE BH LEVELS YEEHAW and Some new bounties on the wall OMFG !!! This is pathetic, no real new content, no change of the BROKEN honor system since day 1. Its sad but at this point i stopped logging to the game even for keeping up the daily streak. Lost hope in the game.
  12. What enchanced version do You mean. I have X box series X since the 10th and in RDR the only thing i noticed is better lightning due to ray tracing. Nothing else. Not even a patch and if there was a series X/S version it would most def patch like Assasins Creed Valhalla did when it got connected to Xbox series X. And if you plan to buy new X box dont buy the S -=> get the X. Dont take half measures. Also be sure that you have good TV/monitor. I had to buy a new one bcoz the one i used with my old Xbox X didnt display half of the video functions. Especially HDR 10+ and 4 K UHD with 144 Hz and other stuff so i had to get back to store and buy a New TV to fully grasp the new console capabilities and it exceeded my expectations. Im simply amazed and cant w8 to run Cyberpunk on this.
  13. Sound great BUT i came to the point where i DONT BELIEVE R* anymore. Where are the properties and train raids, expanded roles that R* spoke of more than a year ago??? Nowhere. The game is buggy and without new content. We have an extensive catalog of content, both with ideas that we have already defined for future updates and with a whole range of options that we continue to refine until we can also implement them. Really ? Where is that content? What are You waiting for? You killed the game wth the stupid Naturalist role and didnt deliver a true Halloween Event just some horribly wrong designed pvp game. You cant rob NPC's, cant rob trains and shops, moonshine bar is still usless, honor system still broken, and so on and so forth. If the update comes out i will most def try it but till then i just log in to do one daily to keep my 204 day streak going. And like Kean said i would love to replay the story mode when(or if) the upgrade for next gen consoles hits RDR2. New Games on Xbox series X work like a charm and look soooooo good i cant have enough. So yeah time will tell.
  14. Welcome to the forum After that statement i might even come back playing just to meet you out there. You cant even imagine... 😈 Are you on X box? I had a "griefer" streak going from 250 to about 320 rank but honestly it gets boring fast. Currently rank 440 and stopped playing (waiting for new content i think in december this year). So i was sticking with : When i see you running towards me or too close to me you get shot. When i see you making a long delivery ill attack and take your goods. Otherwise i dont attack. To be honest i like when some1 attack's me first and then i retaliate.
  15. I thought it will work so i used it straight after the pass came out and found out it didnt work. It doesnt matter anyway bcoz i maxed out the pass in no time playing the new pvp mode which is worse than a year ago imo.
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