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  1. Okay, they should totally include this as a mod option in the game's gunsmith. XM16E1 (judging by the flash hider) modified with an M84 scope from an M1 Garand sniper rifle by a MACV-SOG operator. An M84 scope was used on at least one M14, too.
  2. Yeah, AAI didn't have the production capacity to make M203s at the rate the military needed them and subcontracted Colt for it. I'm still kind of backlogged on Forgotten Weapons. I'm a bit of a late subscriber, I suppose. 😅
  3. M203 was adopted officially in 1969, though I'm not quite sure how fast it was distributed. After all, the M110A2 CSASS was officially adopted in 2018, but nobody got any until a couple months ago. 😆 But before that they did have the XM148. I don't have any exact dates, but IIRC the M4 profile barrel first appeared during development of the XM4 and was retrofitted to Model 723 carbines used by Delta, though it wasn't widespread. I had a book, the name of which escapes me, that covered development of the AR-15 and M16 from its inception up to around 2003, where all of this was chronicled. Larry Vickers released a book about AR-15 development a few years back, but with a $99+ price tag, it's a bit out of my buying comfort zone for books. As for the CAR-15 image that isn't appearing in Keane's post, I'm assuming it's showing an XM177 with the modified flash hider that featured a downstep similar to the M4 barrel?
  4. Legendary pelts are automatically delivered to the trapper if you die with one in your possession.
  5. Are you referring to our own guides here on this website?
  6. Which guides are you talking about?
  7. Sorry no one was able to answer you. I've never shot Blind Man Cassidy to have known if he respawns or not.
  8. In the case of Horseshoe Overlook, her letter said she saw one of the Van der Linde gang girls in Valentine. I'm not sure about Chapter 4, though.
  9. In this bounty mission John undertakes with Sadie in Tall Trees, John gets attacked by what I'm pretty sure is the biggest ****ing bear not only in RDR2, but in all of space and time. And it's a pretty distinctive bear with scars all over it. Has anyone ever seen it outside the mission?
  10. I've never noticed such a limit. I'll have to check next time I play.
  11. Their camps dotted around Rhodes should still spawn.
  12. I've seen egrets of all types spawn occasionally on the island just south of the R in Marsh.
  13. If an Undead Nightmare event actually happens, that is. A zombie DLC or event for GTA 5/GTA Online has been pretty well requested over the years, but I don't think Rockstar's ever done one.
  14. Her character model was found in the PC version of the game, but what role she was intended to play has yet to be determined. https://www.thegamer.com/red-dead-redemption-2-princess-of-luxembourg-datamine/
  15. I never saw any mainly because I don't play RDO, but they were reported on in the gaming media. https://cogconnected.com/2019/09/red-dead-online-zombie-npcs-undead-nightmare/
  16. So nothing came of those zombie-like NPCs players started seeing around this time last year?
  17. It's a step back because it kind of has to be. I'm sure you don't want a repeat of Black Ops' sea of anachronisms.
  18. In all fairness, the level of firearms modularity we enjoy today didn't start to become a thing until the GWOT spurred it in the early and mid-2000s. Up until then, a scope of some kind on the carry handle, a flashlight taped to the handguard, and a suppressor on your muzzle was pretty much the extent of "tacticool."
  19. 1. Why do you like RDR2 the most? - Same as the others, it's the open world and exploration aspect I like the most. The game's been out for almost two years now and I'm still finding new sights. 2. Who's your favorite hero in the game? I think I know the answer, but still - John. 3. What do you like doing in the game the most? - Exploring the open world and finding the game's stranger sights. 4. The game is very beautiful, full of various colours - so, what colour schemes do you like the most in RDR2? I know it might hard to answer this question, so here are a few examples: E.g. epic orange of sunset, or desert at solstice. Or you can just name the colours you admire the most in the game - Hands down the bayou at night, especially when foggy. The colors being much duller than other locations contributes to making it the creepiest location in the game. 5. Weather. Since most of the colours are changing with weather and the weather is one of the most remarkable things in the game, could you, please, tell me what weather in the game do you like and why? - Snowstorms, especially the one in the very beginning of the game. The feeling that you can get perpetually lost just going a few yards outside Colter.
  20. I saw this the other day. Thought it was pretty strange.
  21. Much thanks to whoever replaced the blue with red.
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