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SPOILERS - Please Read This BEFORE Playing the Game


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Hey there, folks.

I know we’re all quite jazzed about the game releasing soon, and it’s going to be awesome! Once it does, we’re expecting this forum to get rather busy with lots and lots of talk about the game, its ins-and-outs, and the best/worst things about it.

HOWEVER, it should also be considered that many of our forum members will be either unwilling or downright unable to buy the game at its release price. So, they may choose to spend the meantime watching online play videos and reading up on strategies and multiplayer stories here on the forums until they can get their hands on a copy.

All this being said – you ARE free to TALK about ANYTHING YOU WANT about the game on this forum.



If you're going to MENTION (in text) STORY MODE OR OTHER SPOILERS, our only request is that you use a handy-dandy tool we have here called the SPOILER tool. 

Here’s a helpful GIF to show you how it works:


That’s how you do it. Basically, anything you write about that spoils anything of RDR2, please use this filter. This way, ANYONE can read your posts and still not get the intricacies spoiled.

But what exactly IS a “spoiler,” you ask? 

Spoilers are reveals in the storyline or other important information about the game with dramatic effect. For example:

  • “In story mode, you start with a pistol and six bullets.” – That’s not really a spoiler. That’s more of a gameplay dynamic. No hearts should be broken by learning THIS info on the forums.
  • “Wow! It makes so much sense that Dutch was secretly in love with Abigail before Marston won her heart!” – THAT, friends, is a spoiler. (and a made-up example. I have no clue what happens in this game.)

Remember, this applies to posts AND comments! If you click-open a spoiler and want to reply with the same (or another) spoiler, you’ll need to also use the Spoiler tool.

So, you have the discernment, you have the tools, and you have the talent. With this neato tool, we give you the freedom to write anything you like without taking anything away from others. 

As of this posting, this rule is in effect. As the game ages, we may choose to rescind it at a later date – ‘cause, by a certain time, if you STILL haven’t played the game, that’s on you, chief. Sorry ‘bout it.

IN THE MEANTIME, we have to impose some regulations:

IF YOU encounter a spoiler irresponsibly posted by another forum member, please use the “Report Post” button IMMEDIATELY, and we will address it.

We DO understand there may be a slip-up on this policy. If you realize you accidentally posted a story mode spoiler, please Edit the post and use the Spoiler tool.

Now, we gotta get into the heavy stuff:

If it is found by a moderator that you posted a spoiler without using the tool, or an uncovered spoiler you posted is reported to us, your post WILL be edited or deleted, and the following will occur:

  • First offense: public shaming in the thread by a moderator or admin - NO warning points issued
  • Second offense: public shaming in the thread by a moderator or admin AND warning points issued, as well as a possible temp-ban from the forums
  • Third offense: further warning points will be issued, along with a temp or possible permaban from the forums

So, let’s all enjoy playing this game, talking about this game, and the forums.

Just use the Spoiler tool, and all will be right with the world.

- Skunk

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