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  1. I’d also like more options with showdown. FFA is just obnoxious with the respawns the way they are.
  2. This gun has the incredible rate of fire but also has really good range. This makes most repeaters/rifles obsolete except when playing at maximum range before you are unable to lock on. I believe the meta should be: short range - pistols/shotguns/varmint medium range - repeaters long range - rifles The VR has a place in the game but currently it is too good and makes it so theirs no reason to buy most of the other guns in the game.
  3. So I tried this and couldn’t get the fish to respawn. They may have patched it. If you find something like this don’t post it here, make a YouTube video or a reddit post
  4. The varmint rifle needs a nerf.
  5. Would seem kinda dumb to have species go extinct. Imagine any major MMO with finite enemies.
  6. 1st person only No lock on Blips only appear when a person shoots.
  7. Does anyone else think this is a strange decision for an online shooter? I’ve been playing some of the TDM and while it’s fun it feels a little gimmicky and I can’t help feeling like the aim assist will turn away a lot of players wanting more skill based shooting
  8. Very shortly after the beginning I turned off the weapon snap and have been trying to play as much as in first person as I can. It makes the game much more challenging, is anyone else playing with the snap and/or 1st person? Also does anyone have any info if the multiplayer will have snap activated or not?
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