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  1. I don’t get on here much but thanks for being an asshole:)
  2. i got it to spawn. i was wondering the area and got jumped by a gang and i killed all of them. then went to the location of the animal and i could start hunting it. Thanks for the advice really appreciate it :).
  3. ya I've tried looking for camps and gangs around the area but didn't find anything. ill go around and check again.
  4. no worries. thanks for trying to help
  5. I've tried that . I went away for like an hour to do the remaining side missions i had and when i came back it still says the same thing.
  6. Im trying to hunt down the legendary Alligator and it says "too much activity in area to hunt." I've tried everything in the book to get it to spawn. I don't know if this is a bug on rockstars part or what. Wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problem as me or have any tips to get it to spawn. And yes i have complete the story 100%.
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